Candy Flick Puts Om Nom in Your House

Candy Flick Puts Om Nom in Your House

cut the rope001I love free downloads for my iPad. Mitch loves anything to do with Om Nom, the little green monster that gobbles up candy from the game “Cut the Rope.” In fact, Mitch likes Om Nom so much that he’s made paper versions of the game and drawn him in sidewalk chalk on the porch.

Naturally, I was happy to find another free Cut the Rope app. Mitch was THRILLED that the new game–Candy Flick–makes a 3D Om Nom that sits right in front of you and gobbles candy you toss to him.

I can’t say I fully understand the tech behind Candy Flick, but here’s what happens: You print out a special “target” and put the target in front of your iPhone, iPad or iPod. (Sorry, it’s not on Android yet.) Your device will see the target with the camera an place an animated, three dimensional Om Nom on the target. The player can now see Om Nom on the device screen and flick candy at him.

We played around with it and found the coolest effect happened after we cut the target out. Om Nom covers the target pretty well, so you can make it look like he’s sitting on your coffee table, a pile of blocks or inside a Tonka truck.

Here’s a tip:  If your device is not hooked up to a printer, visit the website first with a computer that is connected. You’ll need to print out the target (in color) for the game to work. You could display the target on one phone while playing on another…but that’s just too much tech power wasted for my tastes.

Get Candy Flick (free) at iTunes here.

(Note: this is not a paid endorsement. We just love Om Nom.)

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