transportation museum

Gateway to Fun: Transportation Museum in St. Louis County

What will you find at the Transportation Museum? Trains, planes and automobiles…that your kid can PLAY with! The museum is dominated by it’s outdoor train collection, but there’s also cars, two planes and a tug boat you can hop aboard. Seriously. The Transportation Museum is one my boys FAVORITE places to go. We’ve been members for years–if you have a…

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Gateway to Fun: Grant’s Farm

This year marks the 60th year Grant’s Farm has been open to the public! They’ve added some new attractions: paddle boats and parakeet feeding! New to St. Louis? Haven’t been to the farm lately? Here’s Grant’s Farm in a nutshell: the Farm is the estate of the Busch family (you know, the beer people) and they moved out here back in horse…

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magic house st. louis

Get into the Magic House for Free

The Magic House is the premier place to play in St. Louis for little kids. It’s fun and sneaks in just the right amount of education when the kids aren’t looking. I’m not sure when the Magic House got so expensive–but you can avoid that $9.50 a head ticket price if you wait for a Free Family Night. Sponsored by…

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14 Spring Break Ideas for Kids in St. Louis

Spring weather is always a little dicey in St. Louis—it could be nice enough for a family picnic in Forest Park or you could end up on a sled ride down Art Hill! The smart mom will plan for indoor activities, but will be ready to toss those aside for a spontaneous hike through the woods or romp in the…

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Springtime Village at Purina Farms

Spring has many heralds in St. Louis: the Cardinals are playing in Jupiter, the Missouri Botanical Garden is sprouting crocus (croci?) and Purina Farms is hosting the Spring Time Village. On March 12, 2014  Purina Farms in Gray Summit–just a big bunny hop from Eureka–will open for business once again! Springtime Village, the Farm’s annual nod to Easter, will be held from April…

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Sledding at Art Hill

Art Hill Sledding

Think this snow will last long enough to go sledding on Art Hill? Bundle up and give it a try! For those new to St. Louis, Art Hill is THE place to take your kids sledding when the city has snow. It’s a nice long hill in Forest Park between the front of the Art Museum and the big lake…

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Get Out! Geocaching With Your Kids

Are you looking for a way to get your tech oriented kids outside to play in nature? Then maybe you should give geocaching a try. Geocaching is a game played by outdoorsy people all over the world. It’s like a high-tech Easter egg hunt, but instead of looking for colorful eggs, you’re looking for cleverly hidden plastic boxes. All you…

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Review: Monkey Joes in Crestwood

If you need an indoor place to burn off some energy, Monkey Joe’s is a good place to be! I’m not sure what you call a place like Monkey Joe’s, but it’s an indoor playland of inflatable goodness.  Maybe we can call it a “play emporium.” They have a dozen or so inflatable bounce houses with obstacle courses and giant…

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frisco train store

Review: Frisco Train Store in Valley Park

Need a place to play that’s inside? Got a kid who loves trains? Then here’s where you need to go: The Frisco Train Store in Valley Park. Formerly the location of the Whittle Shortline Railroad, the Frisco is basically the same store–but under new management. New owners/operators Kristen and Tom Berry have spiffed the place up, added new train tables…

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Park Review: Des Peres Park

Need to get the wiggles out of your kid before (or after) shopping at the Bird Mall? Need a picnic spot after cruising Manchester Road? Then Des Peres Park is your place! It’s tucked away behind Des Peres City Hall and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church on Manchester Road, just across from the Bird Mall (West County Center). It’s a popular…

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Park Review: Turtle Park

Tired of swings, slides and monkey bars? Take your kids to Turtle Park and watch them climb and crawl on Gamera-sized concrete turtles. The playground is located at the corner of Oakland and Tamm Ave, right across Hwy 40 (I-64 for you transplants) from the Zoo’s South parking lot. You can hike over to Forest Park and the Zoo via…

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LEGO Shop Now Open in St. Louis West County Mall

The moment that little boys in St. Louis has been waiting for has come! St. Louis now has its very own LEGO store, in the Bird Mall. (That’s West County Center for all you youngin’s and transplants!) According to the St. Louis Business Journal, the store is 2,500-square-feet of LEGO goodness. There’s a “Living Room,” or interactive play area, as well…

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