cottonelle wipes

Bums the Word (a clean bum, that is)

If it’s good enough for your baby, shouldn’t it be good enough for you? This article is sponsored by Cottonelle (but the opinions are all mine). Cottonelle asked Cherry Healey to travel around America and talk about a rather sensitive subject. What might that be? Our “bums” as the Brits would say. Apparently this isn’t the first time Cherry has…

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mother of all meltdown

A Book For Not So Perfect Moms and a Mother’s Day Giveaway

It’s a virtual book tour! Today I’m talking with a local author from The Mother of all Meltdown’s anthology: Angela Keck. We’ll talk a little about the book, a wonderful web community the Meltdown moms have created and a super fantastic giveaway for you to enter just in time for Mother’s Day! First, a little about the book. The Mother of…

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Gateway to Fun: Grant’s Farm

This year marks the 60th year Grant’s Farm has been open to the public! They’ve added some new attractions: paddle boats and parakeet feeding! New to St. Louis? Haven’t been to the farm lately? Here’s Grant’s Farm in a nutshell: the Farm is the estate of the Busch family (you know, the beer people) and they moved out here back in horse…

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Calendar Key pendant

Got a Special Day? Remember It with a Cool Keepsake Charm

Remember a special day in a unique way with a snazzy keepsake from Not Just Any Old Day. I was given a sample charm from Not Just Any Old Day for this review, but all the opinions here are my own. Not Just Any Old Day creates special calendar charms to remember any day you like: birthdays, anniversaries, graduation day…whatever is…

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Pleygo: LEGO Rental, All the Fun, No Mess to Keep

The boys and I recently had a chance to review Pleygo, a LEGO rental service. You know, like Netflix or GameFly, these guys rent LEGOS through a monthly subscription service. (Pleygo gave us a free trial of their service at the Fan Level for this review. All opinions are still my own.) I’ll be honest, the boys were not sure…

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tooth fairy quarters and teeth

Mom Fail: I Forgot the Tooth Fairy (and a Free Printable)

I don’t know how I forgot about the tooth fairy, certainly not after Mitch has been telling me his other front tooth is loose for, I don’t know…weeks! This ranks right up there with the time I forgot my oldest at summer camp. Well, maybe not that bad. At least my kids will have something to talk to their therapists…

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Would You Rent a LEGO Kit? Here’s How!

LEGOs are pretty expensive, and let’s admit it, they spread all over the house like tiny wild bunnies. Plastic bunnies. I’ve heard of a new service where you can rent LEGOs, just like you might rent movies from NetFlix. The service is called Pleygo. You can subscribe by the month at three different levels, starting at $15 a month. Shipping…

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What Does the Tooth Fairy Leave at Your House?

So how much is a tooth worth? It’s a common question for moms pondering one of their unexpected jobs: the role of Tooth Fairy. Oddly enough, Visa has some advice for you. No, they’re not asking you to charge it. (Whew!) Visa came out with a free calculator to figure out the price of a Tooth Fairy visit based on…

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Surviving the First Day of School

Whew! Today is the first day of school for my boys. I won’t lie, Mitch and I have both been super excited about the first day of school (for different reasons). Last week the boys had an open house (for Mitch) and orientation (for Ryan). This was where they get to meet their teachers, and in Mitch’s case, bring in…

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Tax Free Weekend in St. Louis: Is It Worth It?

There’s a lot of buzz now about the big tax free weekend starting Friday Aug 2 and running through Sunday Aug 5. All the stores in town want you know that, hey, it’s a big sale and you should really head out and get your school supplies. Or clothes. Or a computer. Personally, I can’t say I’m impressed. When was…

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Let Your Kids Ramble in the Moonlight…on a Bike

This one is for the night owls, adventurous moms and families who like to roll on two wheels. The Moonlight Ramble is coming up on August 17 and yes, it is Family Friendly! My family has been doing the ramble for about 15 years now. We’ve done it with the kids and without, with a trailer, with a tag-a-long, even…

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Free Lego Event for Boys AND Girls

Who wants free LEGOS? Your kid, of course! Did you know that LEGO stores around the country (and right here at the West County mall) have several events a month where they give out free LEGOS? Ok, admittedly the kits they give out are very small, but they are super cute, one of a kind kits that you can NOT…

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