Free Apps for Your Kids

Free Apps for Your Kids

Free apps It’s Day Four of my new project to bring you, my lovely readers, one cool free thing to do with your kids each day.

Today, I’ve got apps for you.

Now if you have kids and an iPhone or iPad or iWhatever–and you actually trust the little rug rats with your expensive hardware–you know that iTunes is a source of much joy. Joy for the kids who can use your mobile device to rot their little brains with cool games…and joy for the mom who can get a little peace and quiet while the kids goober up her device with their sticky little fingers.

The hard part is finding a decent app that’s cheap, fun and not full of ads. The best way to avoid the ads is to pay real money for the apps.

No way!

Thankfully, I’ve found not one, not two, but THREE websites (with apps, of course) that have a free game app every day.

In no particular order, we have:

  • Free App A
  • Great App A

Each site is  a little different, but each are offer full versions of games that are free for a limited time. Free App A Day actually has a week’s worth of apps to choose from and displays a calendar so you can see what’s coming. App-o-Day is more mysterious and just displays the day’s app. Great App A Day also has a month’s worth of games, and it displays both free and cheap apps by independent developers.

StlMotherhood Tip: I never said that EVERY game you’ll find on these apps are good for YOUR child. Please use your own judgement to decided if the games offered are age appropriate. You’re bound to find some here that are only suitable for teens, or maybe yourself. Just sayin’. Don’t go downloading Killer Zombie Hookers for your preschooler just because it’s free.

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