Free DYI Paper Robot to Build and Play

Free DYI Paper Robot to Build and Play

paper robotMy kid loves robots. He got a paper robot kit for Christmas last year and he thought they were the coolest thing ever!

But the kit only made so many robots and he wanted more.

Internet to the rescue!

We prowled around the internet to find paper robot templates–there’s a surprising number out there. Many look like you need an engineering degree to figure out, but this “Baby Robot Friend” looked simple enough for us to figure out.

The template is in PDF form and if you use a color printer, you’ll get one that looks more or less like the original.

There’s no instructions, so if you haven’t crafted with paper in a while, here’s some pointers:

Print on heavy paper. We used a sheet of photo quality paper, heavy enough to hold up to light play, but not so hard to fold.

You’ll need a razor knife to cut the slits for his arms, antenna and body to fit together. (That’s your job mom/dad.) It’s also easier to cut the whole ‘bot out with a knife because of the small detail.

I also needed a pair of flat nose pliers to pull the tabs through the slits. Tweezers would work too, I just happened to have the pliers handy in my crafty tool box.

I recommend tape instead of glue. It sticks faster and you can play with it as soon as it’s done.

Download your robot here.

paper robot 2

Mom Tip: This robot requires fine dexterity and really good cutting skills. Depending on your child’s age and skill, you may need to make this one for him or her.

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