Free Meals for Kids in St. Louis

Free Meals for Kids in St. Louis

Free kids meals at IHOPA lot, and I mean a LOT, of restaurants offer a free kids meal on certain days of the week. You’re gonna have to pay for your own meal, so this isn’t a TOTAL freebie–but this certainly makes going out for lunch or dinner with the kids a lot less painful.

Most of the free meals are at big chains, like IHOP, Lone Star Grill, Denny’s, Pasta House and the like. Some are restricted to afternoons only, or a certain day of the week.

My fellow mom blogger and local coupon diva, StlMommy, has pulled together an extensive list of free meal deals for your kids. So I’m just going to point you over to her. Click here to see the complete list of free kid’s meals at StlMommy.


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