Halloween in St. Louis: Boo at the Zoo

St. Louis Zoo Boo at the zooThe St. Louis Zoo is a top attraction for kids in St. Louis. During those spooky days leading up to Halloween, the zoo delivers on family friendly fun for tiny goblins and ghosties.

Boo at the Zoo is 13 nights of mildly haunted fun geared for the kiddos. The zoo opens at 5:30 pm and stays open until 8:30pm from October 18 to 30.

Unlike daytime visits, a night trip to the zoo will cost you: admission is $4 for members and $5 for non-members. Children under 2 are free.

There is a $1 discount for children 2 to 12 in costume.

Parking is FREE during Boo at the Zoo nights! The South Lot will be open and free during the entire run of Boo at the Zoo, and the North lot will be openĀ  Oct. 18, 19, 25, 26 and 30. (Guess they are expecting a bigger crowd closer to Halloween!) The South Lot is on Wells, next to Hwy 40, while the North lot is on Government Drive, next to the Living World entrance.

Every year they change up Boo at the Zoo a little bit. This year they will be running the train and the “Scare-ou-sel” which will charge their normal rates (or are free with the right level of zoo membership). Train tickets are $5 each, carousel rides are $3.

There will be a free craft at the Lakeside Cafe, fireside story tellers around the zoo, and kid friendly mazes. You’ll also be able to enjoy the light up displays of ghosts and other spooky creatures scattered around the park. Kids will get a treat bag on their way out.

Please note that parts of the zoo will be off limits during Boo at the Zoo. You won’t be able to get into River’s Edge, Big Cat Country or the Red Rocks area. The penguins are closed for construction, and it’s hard to tell from the Zoo’s website if Sea Lion Sound is open or not.

Daytime Spooky Saturday

The St. Louis Zoo also does a daytime Boo at the Zoo Spooky Saturday on October 26 from 9am to 4pm. This event is FREE. There will be trick-or-treating and games along the “Pumpkin Trail” at the zoo.

Come in Costume! (But only if you’re a kid.)Halloween Lamb

Kids are encouraged to wear costumes during Boo at the Zoo–day or night. In fact, they get a dollar off tickets to the night event if they are in costume. However, anyone over 13 is asked to stay in their street clothes unless they are with a child. No masks are allowed on any grown up.

It’s not that the zoo wants to squash your fun, they just want to avoid idiots frightening the little kids or getting confused with the costumed entertainers.


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