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Is the Disney Store a Good Place to Play?

Is the Disney Store a Good Place to Play?

The Disney Store at Serramonte Center in Daly ...I’m always on the look out for a great freebie for mom in St. Louis, and I ran across this one at St. Louis Kids Magazine as part of Hannah Mayer’s Top Ten list of free things to do in town:

6.  The Disney Store at the Saint Louis Galleria:

Much to my surprise, in the back of the Disney store they have a kids’ table with coloring books and a giant screen that plays Disney movies, shows and videos.

They also have trivia contests, story hours, dance demonstrations, and an imagination parade that involves masks that teeter on the creepy side, but fun nonetheless.

Since I have boys, and I’m now where near the Galleria, I haven’t been in the Disney store in ages.

What do you think? Would you take your princess loving kiddos to the Disney store for a little play time?

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