It’s a Pillow! It’s a Cape! It’s SuperME!

It’s a Pillow! It’s a Cape! It’s SuperME!

You know how kids LOVE to play Super Hero? And you know how much YOU love it when they take a nice long car nap? I love a good car nap too, except for that bit where they kids look so uncomfortable in their carseats. Yeah, I don’t know how my boys manage to sleep upright like that either.

So, I’ve got a little something for those of you with Super Hero toddlers who like to take Super Car Naps! It’s a SuperME Pillow Cape!

SuperME Pillow Cape

Yep, this is a super cape made from fleece material! It’s made for play AND napping. It’s like the Transformers of Pillows! First, it’s a pillow. Toss it in the car and you’ve got something even mommy can rest her head on for that next big car trip.

Then unzip the pocket and SHAZAM! It’s a super cape! Check out the little fingerless gloves and super hero mask to complete the costume!

SuperME Pillow Cape

Oh, but we’re not done yet! I don’t know how many times we’ve driven back from Grandma’s house late at night and the kids are looking for a car blanket to snuggle up in. The SuperME cape can snap up like a jacket (there’s arm holes–see them?) and keep your tiny hero snug. The collar has those little pillow beads stuffed inside, so now it’s a travel pillow! And the mask–check it out–it’s a sleep mask. (OK, I don’t know any toddlers who use a sleep mask, but hey, give it shot. Maybe it will keep the headlights from disturbing them.)

SuperME Pillow Cape

Like all SuperME items there’s a super patch on the front that you can customize. It’s attached with velcro, so you can swap it out with a name patch or sports patch or whatever you want to pick out (patches are $5 for the regular ones and $10 for custom name patches).SuperME Pillow Cape

The SuperME Pillow Cape comes in several colors to suit your pint-sized Wonder Child. The cape is about 17 inches long from below the collar to the hem. Show here is the Classic in bold red and blue. The Pillow Cape comes in Urbanista grey and pink, Bubblicious pink and purple, Naturalist green and yellow and Ninja grey and black. Check out the SuperME website, these capes are coming soon!

SuperME also makes fun backpacks, lunch boxes and kid luggage…all with a super hero hidden disguise! Check out Mitch’s super awesome backpack! 


Like the SuperME Pillow Cape? I’ve got one to giveaway! Just enter the Rafflecopter below and one lucky reader will get their own Classic (red and blue) cape, just like this one!

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