JibJab Yourself and Friends

JibJab Yourself and Friends

Ever wanted to turn your kid (or husband) into a dancing elf? Or maybe see what they’d look as Psy doing it Gangnam style? (Ewww, or maybe not.)JibJab Gangnam Style

If you’re not familiar with JibJab, head over there now. Then come on back.

JibJab is a fun website where you can make animated ecards that stick your family and friend’s heads on a video. They’re pretty funny to watch even if you don’t send the out.

Their latest is a shortened version of the Gangnam Style music video. My own family’s heads look just too weird in this clip, but I love the video so I enlisted Lamb, my son’s lovey.

You need to do a little photo editing with JibJab’s software before you can personalize the eCard. It’s easy and it can grab photos off your Facebook photo album or download them off your hard drive.

JibJab offers a good collection of free eCards, but if you really like it, there is a membership to buy for full access. It’s just $12 a year and you can send out all the whacky eCards you want.

Ok, now go play.

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