Super Easy Glowing Eyes Yard Decoration

Super Easy Glowing Eyes Yard Decoration

Creep out Trick or Treaters with these spooooooky glowing eyes balls that watch them from the darkness of your shrubbery! These work best if you slip them into an unlit part of your yard!
spooky glowing Halloween eyes

Here’s a little something you can throw together in just a few minutes with stuff you might have in your craft stash right now.

All you need for these glowing eyes are:

  • paper towel tube
  • glow stick
  • scissors
  • pencil or marker
  • tape (optional)

Don’t have a bunch of paper towel tubes on hand? Not to worry, it’s even EASIER if you make your own tube out of construction paper!

Here’s what to do:

  • Draw the eyes on the tube. If you have trouble making the eyes symmetrical, draw one eyeball on a piece of scrap paper then transfer to the tube. Remember to flip it over for the other eye!
  • Cut out the eye with sharp scissors.
  • Break a glow stick, put in the tube. You’ll want a thick glow stick for this–bracelet size sticks don’t provide enough light.
  • Tape the ends shut to keep the stick from falling out.
  • Place in your shrubs!

spooky glowing Halloween eyes

spooky eyes008


spooky glowing Halloween eyes

spooky glowing Halloween eyes




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3 Responses to Super Easy Glowing Eyes Yard Decoration

    • It works great, just use the bigger glow sticks! The thin ones barely lit up the tube….if you only have thin glow sticks, throw in a couple!