Let Barbie Be the Queen of Cardboard

Let Barbie Be the Queen of Cardboard

from IkatbagI had tons of Barbies as a little girl and full house worth of furnishings. What I did not have was a Barbie Dream House. My Barbie set up house all over my bedroom floor, and sometimes I’d include some walls by using a cardboard box.

But I never got crafty enough on my own to try and make a complete Barbie Dream House like one from the store.


Since I showed you where to get an idea for a Hot Wheels garage yesterday, I thought today I’d show you a few freebies for Barbie. All you need is some cardboard, a razor knife (for mom to use, of course) and a bit of ingenuity.

First, let me show you how cool you can do this. Here’s a Barbie house from Ikat Bag. She and her girls made a full fledged three story townhouse. With lights, a working elevator and real doors. Their house is on this blog post. Yep. Check out the fire place!

If that’s a littleĀ intimidating, how about this one from Abbi over at Proverbs 31 Living. Her kids pitched in to make this house using several cardboard boxes, each tall enough for a Barbie to stand in. She also shows how they made some cardboard furniture too. This one is not quite as roomy, but looks like a snap to make with your kids.

And here’s a third style with an open floor plan that the kids can practically sit in with their dolls. This one is from Filth Wizardry–don’t worry, its not that kind of filth. Lindsey just likes to get messy with her kids.

I hope this gives you some inspiration the next time you need to kill a Saturday afternoon and it’s too dang cold to go outside.

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