indie mats

Made in St. Louis: Indie Mats (an easier way to frame)

Traditional framing is a pain, and pretty expensive unless you do it yourself with discount store frames. And let’s not even get into the whole hammer and nail thing. Ug! Indie Mats are here to make hanging photos a breeze. Indie Mats are a super simple idea–ditch the heavy frame and surround your photos with fun designer mats. Then stick…

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Fabric Crafts Link Up

This week’s Tips and Tricks link up theme is all about Fabric! Do you have a fun fabric centered craft to share with our 13 blogs? If not, to check out today’s linky for inspiration! I know I’ll be scanning the linky later for ideas! If you like to plan ahead for this linky–which I post every Tuesday–next week’s theme…

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grants farm parking pass

New Paddle Boats at Grant’s Farm and a Giveaway for You

Grant’s Farm will open for it’s 60th season on April 12! They’ve got some new stuff to show you, but I’ve got something better for one lucky reader: Free Parking! That’s right, I’m giving away one shiny Grant’s Farm Parking Pass for the 2014 season. Yep, a whole season of free parking, good from April to October! That’s a $40…

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Gateway to Fun: Grant’s Farm

This year marks the 60th year Grant’s Farm has been open to the public! They’ve added some new attractions: paddle boats and parakeet feeding! New to St. Louis? Haven’t been to the farm lately? Here’s Grant’s Farm in a nutshell: the Farm is the estate of the Busch family (you know, the beer people) and they moved out here back in horse…

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Road Trip! KC LEGOLAND and an Aquarium

St. Louis is a great town for kids, but one thing we sadly lack is a LEGOLAND of our very own. And a big honkin’ Aquarium…we kinda need one of those, too. But Kansas City has both! Since KC is only four hours away, it seems like a pretty good spot for a weekend family roadtrip. We’re planning one now!…

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magic house st. louis

Get into the Magic House for Free

The Magic House is the premier place to play in St. Louis for little kids. It’s fun and sneaks in just the right amount of education when the kids aren’t looking. I’m not sure when the Magic House got so expensive–but you can avoid that $9.50 a head ticket price if you wait for a Free Family Night. Sponsored by…

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linky party

Share Your Favorite Make Ahead Meals

This week’s Tips and Tricks link up theme is Make Ahead Meals! Do you have a great freezer casserole to share with our 13 blogs? If not, to check out today’s linky for inspiration! I know I’ll be scanning the linky later for ideas–the most I do for pre-planning dinner is BBQ enough chicken for two nights or fixing a…

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gift present

Mother’s Day Gifts for You (no, it’s not too early)

Questions moms ask: how can I get a Mother’s Day gift out of my child without guilt?? Mother’s Day is still a long way off, but you can start planning for an awesome gift RIGHT NOW. Yep Yucandu Art Studio in Webster wants to help your kid make an awesome piece of art for your special day. Kids from kindergarten to…

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yucandu, mosaic

5 Reasons You Need to go to Yucandu!

No, Yucandu is not an exotic island in the tropics…but it is just about as fun. And a little exotic. Yucandu is the ultimate crafty studio for kids and adults to make fun and funky art. Yucandu is an “open” art studio where you can wander in, grab supplies and get crafty! No experience required! They also have classes for…

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green bean delivery, fruit, veggies

Green BEAN Delivery: Fruit and Veggies on your Doorstep (And a Coupon)

What if I said you could cut your grocery shopping time in half? Got your attention? Let me tell you how to get fresh fruit and veggies right to your door.  I received a free small produce bin from Green Bean Delivery for this review, however all opinions are my own.   Green BEAN Delivery is an online service that…

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minecraft grass blocks

Minecraft in Real Life: DIY Grass Blocks for Spring

Looking to put a little reality into your kid’s Minecraft play time? Try crafting some real grass blocks! Mitch and I made three different types of “real” Minecraft grass blocks for our “real” Steve. Two of them are just for show, since they are actual grass–but they look pretty cute on our window sill. Mitch also had fun making these!…

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pin it

How Do You Spring Clean? Seriously, I want to know…

This week’s Tips and Tricks link up theme is Spring Cleaning! Do you have any spring cleaning tips to share with our 13 blogs? Or do you just want to check out the linky for inspiration? You’re sure to find something interest this week, so take a look. Ready for the party? Here’s the rules!   A few things to…

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