Play with Free Paper Dolls

Play with Free Paper Dolls

doll1Today we’re going more girly: Paper Dolls! Paper dolls are a classic child’s toy/craft that any kid should get a kick out of. You can treat it as a rainy day craft, glue them down as part of an art project, or maybe work in a little history–they were pretty popular toy from the 1800’s to right before electronics took over the toy box.

Here’s a great link to some vintage paper dolls you can print out in full color and have fun cutting out. I personally like the Gingham Girls–they look easier to cut out with their arms held close to their body. (I used these gals for this blog’s illustration.)

If you want a more modern doll, or one that will work for little boys (hey, little boys like to play dress up too) head over to Making Friends Paper Dolls. These dolls are meant to be glued together, so there’s no little tabs in the drawings. They’re great for crafting because you can print them out colored or as line drawings for a DIY touch. The dolls are unisex and little Kewpie doll looking, but completely customizable with different sorts of hair to glue on. You can make the doll a boy or girl and whatever skin and hair color suits you.

These are also pretty fun if you have a scout in the house–the dolls can be given uniforms for any rank from Brownie to Webelos.

Jen over at 100 Direction’s has a nice modern paper doll who’s totally customizable. You color her and draw her face…so cute! 

Have fun!


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