Snow Day Fun!

Snow Day Fun!

The kids are getting that snow they’ve been dreaming about here in St. Louis. With all the hype this snow storm has gotten, the crew at StlMotherhood–including the daddy of the house–have all decided to stay home.

snow day fun

Hopefully after the snow stops there will be enough fluffy stuff for snowman building and sled riding!

Today’s freebie idea is snow paint using stuff you may have in your pantry or craft box. I haven’t tried this out myself, but it looks fun. What do you think?

The basic idea for snow paint is to mix food coloring and water in an empty squirt bottle and let the kids use the yard as a blank canvas. I certainly have food coloring on hand, but I’m not sure how many empty squirt bottles I can find around the house.

Then there’s the idea of using tempera paint and brushes on the snow.  Hmmm, I never got around to buying tempera paint. Do you think finger paint is the same?

Finally, I found somebody mixing Kool Aid and water for their snow paint.

As I write this, it’s sleeting outside, so I don’t think we’ll be painting for a while. But I did find this cool idea to mix shaving cream and glue to paint an indoor snowman on paper. 

I’m going to be pinning snow day ideas on Pinterest, so if you want to see images of the above ideas, or anything else I find later, head on over!

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