Too Cold to Play Outside, So Break Out the iPad

Too Cold to Play Outside, So Break Out the iPad

I’m not much of a winter person and I’d much rather curl up with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa when it’s chilly outside. Of course before I can do that, I have to make sure the boys are entertained.

Unfortunately, I can’t always convince the little dude to play with his own toys. See, mommy got an iPad for her birthday and my boy (who’s five) thinks that we should all share our toys. If he’s willing to give me his Hot Wheels and build little Lego ducks for me, then surely I’d want to share my iPad with him. (Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it.)

And that’s how my iPad has triple the number of kid games on it than mommy apps.

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for free apps for your kids to use on your iPad. I recently heard about “iPad Apps for Kids for Dummies.” It’s filled with cool apps for your kid to use on your iPad.

Here’s a taste:

Monster Hunt—The Memory Game

Using monsters that will remind your kids of Monsters, Inc., this app is a memory game for one to four players. Starting on a grid of four squares, monsters appear briefly and then are shielded. You try to tap the squares where you last saw monsters. As you succeed in memorizing where the monsters are hiding, the grid gets bigger and more monsters are shown. Appropriately ghoulish music accompanies this monster memory hunt, and when you eventually fail, the monsters growl at you with delight.

“Although this memory game has no bells and whistles, it’s very well done,” comments Gudmundsen. “It has no ads and no in-app purchases, and there’s also a multiplayer mode.” ~iPads Apps for Kids for Dummies

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