Weekend Wrap Up: Butterflies, Toy Buy Backs and Stickmen

kindergarten art001 It’s Sunday and here at StlMotherhood HQ we’re relaxing and recovering from a busy week. So grab a cocoa or a coffee and I’ll catch up on what’s going around here.

Crafts: This week the little dude and I made Butterflies on a Stick. We’re perfecting a new craft to make “starlight” in a jar. Our first attempt was not so good. We’ll post photos when we get it right.

Events: We covered a few events, like Polar Bear Days at the St. Louis Zoo which was, sadly, a one day event. Did you go? If not, March Morpho Mania is going all month!

On the Home Front: I posted some scan’s of Mitch’s drawings in Mom FAIL: From the Pencils of Babes. I’m thinking I should make him my regular illustrator.

Weird News: Like to post interesting mom news when it pops up, especially if it’s on the weird side. Baptist Church in St. Louis Plans Toy Gun Buy Back definitely qualified.

Free Downloads: I came across another worth while free app, Awesome Eats We’re still playing it, so it’s a keeper.

All right ladies, we’ll see you Monday!


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