What’s Wrong with Barbie as a Girl Scout?

What’s Wrong with Barbie as a Girl Scout?

The latest Barbie buzz is that after having like a bazillion careers, Barbie is now a Girl Scout. So what’s the big deal?Barbie scout

I think it’s AWESOME that Barbie is a Girl Scout…except for that fact that she’s TOO OLD TO BE A GIRL SCOUT. Where’s Skipper? She should be in that uniform! Last I noticed, Barbie was a doctor, a teacher, or maybe an entrepreneur. These are all grown up professions. Girls Scouts are for–gasp–girls!

I have to admit, I needed to do a little research on this one. I’m pretty well versed with modern Boy Scouts–I have two in the program. I was even a leader for a while. But I haven’t been a Girl Scout since Die Hard was a summer blockbuster.

My Girl Scout days are ancient history–which is why the uniform on the Barbie doll confused me. The pink pants don’t bother me…hey, girls are pretty casual these days. You hardly ever see a girl in a head to toe uniform. At least she’s wearing hiking boots and not spike heals. (Yes, the boots are high heel, but so is Barbie’s foot.) Scouting isn’t really about the uniform. In fact, here’s a picture of yours truly as an 18 year old Senior Girl Scout, circa 1988, from Girl Scout Mounted Troop 1184. We were one of the last horse troops in the state, maybe the country. We didn’t even DO badge sashes.

Girl Scout Mounted Troop 1184

Oh yes, I was a HUGE Girl Scout. When I wore my uniform to elementary school, my guy friends all saluted me (and called me General Dee Dee) because of my copious badges and pins. OK. I was also the only girl in my school to make it past Juniors and I had to find a troop in another town to keep advancing! But enough about me.

Back to Barbie. I love Barbie. I’ve got 35 of them in a trunk in my living room. My Barbie even had a Girl Scout uniform–one hand sewn by my mother–complete with tiny little embroidered patches. I’ve got it around here somewhere. I’ll post a pic later–it’s sweet.

Like I was saying…it’s the uniform on this doll that’s all wrong. If Barbie is going to wear a Girl Scout uniform, at least try to get one for the youngest plausible age she could be–a teenager. In 1959 she was advertised as being 17. A green sash is for Juniors, and for you non-scouters, that’s girls in 4th and 5th grade. Granted, no one can nail down Barbie’s real age, but she sure isn’t an 11 year-old girl. Heck, last week she was a business woman! She owns a Corvette, a townhouse and has traveled to the moon–twice!

At the very, very least, they should have put the doll in an Girl Scout Ambassador uniform, which is the rank for a 17-18 year old teen. But that’s tan, and I guess tan is too boring for Barbie.

The uniform isn’t even accurate for a Junior. The rainbow bridge sash is all wrong–I can’t even figure out when that was current! Sometime after I was a scout and before the current uniform. And when was the last time we’ve seen a Girl Scout in a berrette? 1973?

modern girl scouts

I’ll cut Mattel a little slack. They probably wanted a doll to inspire their customers to be Scouts just like themselves. Making Barbie a leader was probably too boring. But wouldn’t it be cool if they did, and make a whole troop of scouting dolls? Skipper could be a Cadette and they could bring back Tuttie as a Brownie.

The bloggers who are whining about Barbie being a bad role model for girls are just haters. I only wish Mattel gave Barbie’s uniform a little more thought. Otherwise? If I had girls, I’d have one of these in my cart right now.

Want one? They’re for sale for $12.99 at the Girl Scout website and you might start seeing them on store shelves pretty soon.


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2 Responses to What’s Wrong with Barbie as a Girl Scout?

  1. Denise, haha, this is funny! You are so right about Barbie being way too old to be a Girl Scout. Thank you for the little lesson on the ranks through scouting; and congrats on going all the way through! I guess that even though Mattel made a faux pas here, maybe the overall message is positive :)
    (PS – I was a Girl Scout, too, and a leader for my daughter’s troop for several years. Great organization!)
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  2. I was a Brownie, but then only did two years of Girl Scouts. We wore our uniforms to school on meeting days. It was THE BOMB! I’d probably have stuck with it if we had a mounted troop! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

    I don’t understand why people would be upset about Barbie being a Girl Scout. Girl Scouts are awesome. If they hate the skanky outfits on most Barbies and think she’s a bad role model, they should celebrate when they get it right and make her a Girls Scout or business professional, etc. Many little girls LOVE Barbie…and if Barbie is doing cool and awesome things like being an astronaut with her life, isn’t that a good thing?

    But really, Mattel should get it together and get their badges and uniform right! –Lisa
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