Butterfly House Closed in January for Annual Maintenance

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Better get your Butterfly fix in December people, because the Butterfly House in Faust Park will close for it’s annual maintenance right after the conclusion of Winter Jewels. The last day to visit is December 30.  Butterfly House St. Louis

Winter Jewels

Through November and December, the Butterfly House transforms into an enchanted land full of (tiny) dragons, knights and fairy garden gnomes. But once the fairy dust fades away, the Butterfly packs it in for an annual deep clean and garden pruning. 

I guess butterflies are messier than we thought! 

Butterfly House Closed for Maintenance in January

The Butterfly House will re-open Jan. 26, 2019

January is one of those hard months to get through–it’s cold and dreary, and seems so very, very dull after all the holiday glitz is packed away in the basement. It’s even harder when I know I can’t visit my favorite little patch of tropical garden at the Butterfly House.


The good news is the Butterfly House will open back up with a party! HOT! HOT! HOT!  on Jan. 26 and 27. It’s included with admission. This year there will be a swamp theme with games, crafts, animal encounters and music. March Morpho Mania Butterfly House

The Mania Returns

February is now my favorite time for the Butterfly House with Morpho Mardi Gras (formerly March Morpho Mania). The event will stretch from February 1st to March 31st. Obviously I’m not the only one who loves those big blue Morphos! This is the best time to visit because the conservatory will be jammed packed with 1500 or so big blue beauties. 

But Where Can We Play TODAY?

The Butterfly House might be closed for January, but we still have options. The Magic House is always fun, but can get crowded in the winter. I don’t think Myseum get enough credit for all the fun they’re having in Town & Country. Then there’s all the bouncy places like Monkey Joe’s (kinda loud) or Sky Zone who both thankfully have nice corners for parents to hang out.

indoor places to play St. Louis

If you’re looking to stretch your budget post-holidays, there’s all the free stuff at Forest Park: The Science Center and History Museum are great indoor places–remember the History Museum has the Club House now for kids! The St. Louis Zoo isn’t a bad option if the weather is dry, just plan on hopping from building to building.Places to play inside for free in St. Louis

And keep your eyes peeled for my column at St. Louis Magazine! Every month I round up the best of St. Louis for kids!


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