Let’s Look at Captain Marvel

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Marvel dropped an Official Trailer for Captain Marvel today!! Squeeeee! Let’s watch:

I love how Captain Marvel drops in on a Blockbuster, clearly setting this movie smack in the ’90s! Also, looks like we’re going to get a big scoop of Girl Power in this one, something that Marvel has been lacking despite having some really awesome (and under used) heroes like Black Widow and Scarlet Witch.Captain Marvel Carol Danvers

And if you’re wondering WHY this film is set in the 90s (besides allows Carol Danvers to be a Nine Inch Nails fan) it’s all about the story! According to Marvel prez Kevin Feige¬†they wanted to set the story in a time before Nick Fury (the head of Shield) knew about aliens and super heroes. It also gives Carol Danvers her own space, free from the noise of Iron Man and Captain America.Captain Marvel Nick Fury

And looking at this trailer…it’s gonna be a fun ride!

Captain Marvel releases March 8, 2019.



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