Resale Therapy: To Savers or Not to Savers

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saversSavers is one of the newer players in the thrift store market here in St. Louis.

I recently visited a new Savers in Crestwood, located in a former Barnes and Noble, across Watson from the dearly departed Crestwood Mall.

My first overall impression was: Nice! The store was clean, organized and didn’t have that funky used-clothing smell that you sometimes get at secondhand shops. The clerk who rang me out was cheerful and happy to answer questions about the store.

Savers is a general purpose thrift store with clothes for everyone, a nice selection of yard sale worthy toys, household stuff and books. If you’re in the mood to browse or treasure hunt, go ahead and check out Savers.

But if you’re just shopping for your kids, you might want to stick with the specialists in children’s resale, like Once Upon A Child, Kangaroo Kids or Purple Cow. These stores only deal with children’s clothes are are well stocked with season goods in great shape.

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Savers is a little different from other stores in the thrifty category–it’s like a hybrid between a resale shop and a true thrift store. How can that be, you ask?

1) Savers is a for-profit business, like resale/consignment shops.

2) Savers donates a portion of their profits to charity like a thrift shop (Vietnam Vets of America for the stores in St. Louis).

3) Savers acquires goods for free through donations to the charities they work or at the store, like a thrift store.

While Savers has the feel of a profitable resale shop, you have no idea what you’re going to find on the racks. Old stuff? New stuff? Good stuff? Oops! (Sorry, we’ve been reading  Blue Hat, Green Hat a lot lately.)

Quality didn’t seem to be a big issue on my visit. Savers sorts through their donations before putting them on the racks and I didn’t see anything ratty. They also manage to sort items by size, like a nicer consignment store would,  a huge help! But merchandise is a mix of discount and mall clothes, both old and new. Remember, they get their merchandise through donations–literally a mixed bag.

On my trip to Savers I couldn’t find anything I wanted in my kid’s size. The children’s section was rather small compared to the rest of the store. The adult sizes had a much larger selection and I did find a couple shirts for myself that looked like I might have been the original owner.

Savers also makes dropping off  a donation easy with a door in the front of the store. If you bring in two bags of goodies, they will reward you with a coupon for 20% off your next purchase.

Find a Savers near you here.


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