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Mom Hacks: The Coffee Cup Conundrum

My least favorite Mom Meme has to be that one about microwaving coffee over and over, but never getting to drink it hot. Kinda like Sisyphus and his boulder, but with caffeine. mom coffee meme

I know there’s a lot of ridiculous memes out there, solely designed to make us nod our heads and give a sympathetic smile. But if not getting hot coffee is your biggest problem…you need to turn in your super mom cape. Right now. Because the solution is easy.

Get a damn travel cup. It not only holds more precious go-go juice, but it can keep your coffee hot for hours. HOURS people!
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travel mugs are your friend

I must have a dozen travel cups, from cute chromed cups given to me by sponsors to the giant freaking plastic vat I use on a daily mugs are your friend

I’d like to claim responsibility for our love of travel mugs, but honestly, it was my husband’s idea. He hated his flavorless office coffee with a passion, so we picked out the biggest travel mug we could lay hands on and send him off to work with with perfect home coffee. 

Back in those early days I was a working mom, so we got two mugs and split the pot of coffee between us. Our motto became “leave no coffee behind!”

I kept using the travel mug after becoming a stay at home mom because, duh, toddlers. The coffee stays hot well into the afternoon and if you remember to close the lid it’s pretty spill proof too. BONUS!

So what about those cute little “best mom ever” coffee cups you get on holidays? Put your crayons and pencils in them. Plant a flower in them. But for the love of God put anything but coffee in them. Let’s face…they’re just going to go cups

best use of coffee cups