It's time to Play

Who said little kids get all the fun? At stlMotherhood we believe that every child, no matter their age, should be encouraged to play, craft and game.

Gateway Arch paper weight

St. Louis

Let us show you around our hometown--there's tons of family fun here!

MInecraft creeper looking at his baby spawn egg in a nest


We are Minecraft fanatics! Let's get (mine)crafty together with game tips or real life play.

crayons on a blue circle


Cardboard, paint, paper, scissors...there's a lot of ways to get creative when you know how!

What's Hot Right NOw

Here’s a blast from the past! If you grew up before “screen time” was a thing, then you’ve made paper fortune tellers, or a “cootie catcher” when you were a kid. Or if you’re all left thumbs like I am…you at least played with one a friend made. 

Have you ever picked up a dollar store parachute man that was a total failure? No matter how hard your kid tries, it just refuses to open up…and instead plummets to the ground in a tangle of pitiful plastic and string.

I’ve got the answer for you: coffee filter parachute guys! They’re simple to make and a joy to watch as they glide to Earth.


The wait is finally over! After five long years, construction workers have packed up their gear. The massive overhaul of the Gateway Arch entrance, grounds and museum IS DONE! Whooo-hoo!

Now where do I park??

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