Spoiler Alert Rogue One

** Spoiler Alert**

If you’re on this page, it’s because you don’t mind spoilers on Rogue One, which I got to see a few days before it’s release.

Here’s what I want you to know before you take anyone under a PG-13 rating to see this film.




You sure you want to see this?








They’re all dead.




Rogue One is about a suicide mission. 


Don’t worry, Disney handles it very well. Everyone dies cleanly–there’s not a lot of blood and  no gore in this film. The film is about heroes doing heroic things, and several characters sacrifice themselves so the mission can continue. It’s all very noble and beautifully shot. (Ew, is that a bad pun?)

I won’t spoil it further with specifics, but if you’ve got a Jyn Erso or K-2SO action figure under your tree, you might want to add tiny coffins.

I’m not saying don’t go, but if watching Han Solo’s death in Force Awakens upset your kid, you might want to brace them. Or be prepared for a talk afterward.