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Hold the Candy! Other Things You can Put Inside that Egg

What to stuff inside Easter Eggs for the big Hunt

Are you stuck for ideas on what to put inside those tiny plastic eggs for your big Spring Easter Egg Hunt? Trying to avoid loading your kids up with sacks of sweets just to make their egg hunt “interesting”?

Me too.

easter basket of eggs

Back in the good ol’ days, we decorated hard boiled eggs that the Easter Bunny would hide for us. He’d leave a basket of candy our kitchen table. Then parents decided no one wanted to eat a potential salmonella bomb, and the real eggs went right back into the fridge.

What to put in your Plastic Egg

Plastic eggs are great for food safety, but what the heck do you put in them?? For the longest time I resorted to small candies and coins. The kids loved emptying their egg loot into a basket, but it was pretty repetitive.

Candy!” Dump. “Candy!” Dump. “Um, more candy?” Dump.

This year the Easter Bunny is going to take things up a notch and put INTERESTING goodies in those eggs!

Easter egg stuffers

What are you going to put in those little plastic eggs...that's not candy?

Mix and Match

Most of these pre-filled eggs are fairly cheap, but what if you don’t want to give your kid 12 or 30 of the same type of toy? Then team up with your mom friends, buy several kinds of egg sets and swap! Then each family can have a variety of fantastic egg surprises!