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Indoor Mini Golf at the Sheldon

2022 Season Open June 17 – August 28

A couple of years ago, the folks at the Sheldon Art Galleries did something completely different. They made a one-of-a-kind interactive art display called Golf the Galleries!

Mitch and I were invited to a media sneak peek one year and we were blown away! This is the perfect mashup of art and classic summer fun–a mini golf course designed entirely by local artists! And bonus: it’s indoors, which is totally awesome for those sweltering St. Louis summers.

Golf the Galleries is now open for the FIFTH season!

Golf the Galleries at the Sheldon, kid golfs indoors on colorful mini golf course with candy theme

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2022 Golf the Galleries

This is by far my favorite art exhibit, and I can’t wait to go check out this year’s course. The following photos are from 2019, but you get the idea. I’ll update after we visit again this summer.

There will are always Nine Holes of golf in Golf the Galleries, each designed by a local artist, school group, architect firm or other local business.

This year we have holes designed by the City Museum, World Chess Hall of Fame, Grand Center Arts Academy as well as local artists. There’s LOTS of St. Louis.

Decisions, Decisions by Andy VanMater, Cannon Design. (returning artist) This hole features a mechanical elevator to raise the ball! After the ball goes up the elevator, it picks a random channel to slide down to the green. You might get lucky and have a hole in one! We could spend a hour here…

It was kinda hard to do this one justice with a still camera….so here’s a bit of video from my Instagram.

Lollipop Lane by The Wilson School in Clayton. Prepare yourself for a hole designed by a 6th grade class! Every year kids from the Wilson School do shoebox sized golf courses, but this year one student’s design was picked to be turned into a full sized design. The whole class pitched it! (I wrote about it over at stlMag if you want to know more.)

36.9, -89.6 by Kelley Van Dyck Murphy. This one represents a farmscape in the form of carpet squares. And yes, you get to bank it off the wall! Super fun!!

Indoor golf at an art museum. Boy in red shirt plays a mini golf hole made of green carpet squares running up the side of a wall.

Kraken’s Cove by Justin King. (returning artist) King is known for his amazing cardboard art. Last year he did a jungle…this year?Golf the KRAKEN. Need we say more?

Ok, yes, we need to say more! This one will really delight your kids and there’s tons of photo opps here, including a bench where you can sit next to a cardboard deep sea diver.

The Little Foxes by Ryan Marshall. Golf the Fox Theater with a hole designed by a none other than a theater scene designer and puppeteer. This one features a scaled down model of the Fox Theater stage–and a tricky backstage door you have to get your golf ball through!

Pinwheel Dreamland by D. Lohr Barkley and Elisa Sugar. This amazing hole feature pinwheels that will activate when you sink the ball.

Pixel by Christner, Inc. A team of architects are designing this hole to look like a digital golf course coming to life. It’s a bit…meta. Also, it’s made entirely of wood. So bizzare…

The Mat, the Tapestry and the Magic Carpet, by Constance Vale. A Professor of Architecture designed this head spinning “spatial experience” that takes the ball in very new directions.

There was no way to photograph this hole properly because the whole course is an optical illusion. Mitch cheated a little when another golfer showed him the trick to this hole. It’s fun to sit back and watch your kids try to figure out if the ball REALLY goes upside down or not!

Perpetual Check by the World Chess Hall of Fame. (returning artist) A whole new chess themed display from the experts. Yes, you can ricochet your way to a hole in one…after a few tries…

Times and Tickets 2022

The exhibit opens for play on June 17 at 10 am and will stay open until August 11.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $7for kids, with a $2 discount for Sheldon Members. Only the kids want to play? Viewing the exhibit is free, you only pay if you want to play.

When Can I play?

SUN11 AM – 4 PM
MON12 PM – 5 PM
TUE12 PM – 5 PM
WED12 PM – 5 PM
THU12 PM – 8 PM
FRI12 PM – 8 PM
SAT10 AM – 3 PM

Where’s the Sheldon?

The Sheldon Concert Hall and Galleries is located at 3648 Washington Boulevard, St. Louis, 63108, in the Grand Center Arts District, near the Contemporary Art Museum, The Fox and Powell Hall. Parking on the Sheldon’s lot is FREE when there are no concerts.

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