Make an Easy American Flag from Popsicle Sticks

American flag popsicle

I’ve want to share this cute little popsicle flag that Ryan did years ago, and still hangs on my bulletin board today. There are several ways to go about this craft, so you can customize it according to the age and artsy ability of your kids.

Since I didn’t take pictures when Ryan made the first popsicle flag, I asked Mitch to make a new one for the blog! Mitch made the new flag as a seven year old, so his version is a little more sophisticated

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Popsicle Flag Craft

The one Ryan made as a preschooler was super simple, and was done as a craft for a dozen kids at a MOMS Club meeting.

To make this craft you’ll need:

14 Popsicle style craft sticks
Red, White and Blue Paint
White Star Stickers (if using)
Craft Wire or string
Craft or Utility Knife
Paint Brushes*

American flag made with star stickers and craft sticks
This little flag is old enough to drive…my oldest made it 16 years ago!

*Note on paint brushes: I think all kids should have “decent” paint brushes. Those crappy plastic bristle brushes are horrible to control. You’ll still want cheaper brushes–in case they press too hard or forget to rinse–and brushes with plastic handles are great if you “forget” them in a glass of water.

Cut 3 sticks in half (for the field of blue stars). Lightly score the stick–don’t try to cut it all at once, or it might split.

Paint the half sticks blue-you’ll only need 5 half sticks to make it like we did.

Paint four sticks red.

Paint five sticks white (optional).

After the sticks are dry, start a frame with two vertical sticks. Then start placing the red and white/plain sticks on horizontally. Use white glue to stick them on.

kid's hand lining up popsicle sticks to make American Flag

A real flag would have 13 stripes, but it loses the rectangular shape if you try that with Popsicle sticks. Besides, there’s no way we’re getting 50 stars on this sucker either. It’s a craft, not something we’re running up the flag pole.

Next layer on five blues sticks (remember, these should be cut in half) in the corner. Glue in place.

And yes, the old craft has 5 blue half sticks, while the new one has 4 half sticks. Use what you think looks best!

kid's hand painting American flag on popsicle sticks

Now glue on white star shapes. These can come from a star shaped hole punch, or maybe you have some stickers laying around. Let the kid place them as he or she likes, it’s cuter that way.

No stars handy? Then just go with white dots! Mitch dipped the handle of his brush in white paint to make neat little dots.

two cute drawn cardinals on a branch

If you have no patience for drying paint, you could also color the sticks with markers, maybe even crayons. I’m thinking the Color Slicks we have from Crayola would do a good job.

The mom who set up this craft when we did it as a group had drilled holes in the vertical Popsicle sticks first. I can not for the life of me remember how she did that. Perhaps a Dremel tool? If you can’t think of a way to put holes in it either, I would suggest skipping the wire hanger an gluing a piece of twine or yarn to the back. Or you can glue a strong magnet to the back. Go ahead and get creative.