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Mom FAIL: From the Pencils of Babes

kindergarten art1One day my son told me we had to do something “interesting” over the weekend so that he could draw about it at school.

See, my little dude is in kindergarten and every Monday they have to draw a picture of what they did over the weekend. At the bottom they write a sentence explaining the drawing.

Back in September he brought back a Monday drawing with nothing on it. The kindergarten teacher wrote us a little note on the empty page saying “please complete and return.”

It gets worse. Here’s the rest of the note:

Mitch spent a lot of time trying to remember what he did this weekend. Maybe on Sunday you can talk to him about some idea to write about and this will help him. You can even write them down and put them in the folder.

Sadly, the real reason Mitch didn’t have anything to draw was because…we didn’t do anything interesting that weekend. I think it was one of those play computer games and watch TV because the weather is crumby weekends.

We’re more active people during the warm months. I’m sure that by late spring he’ll be drawing bike trips, goats at Grant’s Farm, the zoo, and other fun things. But this winter there’s been a lot of “we did arts and crafts” drawings coming home. He’s getting better at drawing the kitchen table.

arts and crafts

And just so you don’t think the kids are locked up in the house all winter, here’s a drawing he brought home this week. To bad it was for the art teacher, and not part of Monday’s report. It’s of him and his brother sledding on Art Hill.

kindergarten art001

I had to ask him why there was a meatball on Art Hill, but he explained that was a man hole cover they were avoiding on the hill. Kinda interesting what a five-year-old boy remembers, huh?