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MyCharge Power to Go

True story: We took a family camping trip last weekend…and we brought along our phones. Yes, I know we should work on getting “unplugged” and back to nature on these campouts, but still… We needed our tunes, a daily weather report, a way to Google random bugs, and a killer stargazing app. Besides, my phone has become my go to pocket camera…and you know I have to take pictures!

iphone held up to the night sky
Photo: Jonas Svidras @ STEP.CAMERA

Psst: this post is sponsored by myCharge, who provided us with a cool portable charger to test out. All opinions are my own.

All weekend, I kept noticing these unfortunate campers hovering near electrical outlets…

? A teenage girl in the restroom, her hot pink iPhone dangerously close to the wet sink.

? A young man crouched by the camp check in station, tethered to an outlet by a 3 foot charging cord.

? A middle-aged gal with a couple dogs who left her phone in the bathroom to charge…and kept poking her head in the door to make sure it didn’t walk off without her.

MyCharge Power Pack to the rescue

So sad. They could have been enjoying more of their campout if only they had what I had: a myCharge portable charger.

iphone on grass, plugged into a myCharge power bank

MyCharge is a game changer! Why? You don’t need to remember to grab a bunch of cords to use this portable power bank–because they’re built right in! The myCharge has two built in cords: an Apple lightning cable AND an Android micro USB cable. The model I have (the HubPlus) also has a USB port for charging another device with a cord.

myCharge power bank on a cooler, plugged into a blue portable can speaker, camping lantern in the background.

And yes, you could use them all at once, charging three devices at the same time!

While at camp we used the myCharge to recharge my phone, my son’s phone and let it recharge our portable speaker.

The model we have is the HubPlus 6700, so it has enough juice to recharge a typical cell phone FOUR TIMES. It can also hold a charge for up to a year, so you don’t have to worry about it draining while it’s sitting in your purse or the kitchen drawer.

When the the myCharge needs to be powered up, you just unfold the built in wall plug on the back and plug it into a wall outlet. It will fully recharge in about 3-4 hours, then automatically turn itself off.

mycharge diagram showing what all the parts are: usb and lightning cords built in, wall outlet prongs in the back

MyCharge is super portable

The myCharge Hub is about the size of a deck of cards. You could certainly find a smaller power bank–but I love that it doesn’t need any extra cords before I pop it into my purse.

In fact, Mitch just likes to use it because he can never remember to plug his ipad into the wall overnight, so he borrows my charger…pun intended…so he can keep Facetiming his friends without having to be shackled to a wall outlet.

myCharge Family

Our HubPlus is just one of several models in the myCharge family. Need even MORE power? Try the HubMax Universal, capable of recharging your cell phone SIX times. Want something smaller? The HubMini is half the size and can still power your phone twice before needing to be plugged in.

Want to be able to JUMP A CAR? Oh yeah, they have one that can do that too! The Adventure JumpStart comes with jumper cables and can jump start a car…or charge a phone.