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Easy Scavenger Hunts for At Home Fun

We’re constantly looking for at home boredom busters–and I’m sure you are too! These printable Scavenger Hunt games are great for recess breaks during virtual school or to get your kids outside for a breath of fresh air.

All the games we collected for you all have free printables and can be done by a single child or a family.

What is a Scavenger Hunt anyway?

Scavenger hunts are fun games where kids get a list of things they need to find. These could be items around the house or the backyard.

These games could have kids looking for rocks and bugs, signs, colors or even road signs!

Photo Scavenger Hunts Vs Collection Hunts

When you do a scavenger hunt you need some sort of PROOF that you did indeed find the object.

When you’re on private property it’s ok to do a hunt where you collect objects like flowers, rocks and leaves. But picking the fauna is a big no no in parks! After all, if everyone picked the flowers there would be no flowers left.

That’s where Photo Hunts save the day!

Since most of us carry cameras in our pockets, it’s easy to do a photo collection hunt. Simply take a quick photo of the object you’re “collecting” and bring it back as proof.

Of course if you’re doing a scavenger hunt with kids too small to own smart phones, you’ll need to have a grown (or bigger kid) accompany them with phone or digital camera in hand.

Using Photos as proof also means you can have kids search for items too big (or down right impossible) to fit in a paper sack. You can be on the look out for street signs, colorful doors, mailbox numbers or even puddles.

Scavenger Hunt Print Outs

Scavenger Hunts are easy to plan, simple to play and super cheap! All you need is paper and a pencil for a basic hunt to keep your kids busy for a while.