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The Secret to Healthy Eating is in my Blender

I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier lately…nothing big. Cutting out some bread, drinking more water. And shoving spinach by the handful into my ancient wedding smoothie

Let me introduce you to a couple moms like us, Jen and Jadah. They met on the playground and shared the complaints we all have: stubborn baby flab and a general lack of energy. So they experimented with drinking veggie rich green smoothies and found that it worked wonders for them! They couldn’t keep all this awesomeness to themselves, so they started blogging about it, posting on Instagram and hosting 30 Day Challenges to convert more people to become, as they call it “rawkstars.” 

Then they wrote this book: Simple Green Smoothies.

Simple Green Smoothies

I was lucky enough to get an advanced review copy so I’ve been trying a few recipes. The Beginner’s Luck is their basic recipe and I’m thinking the best. It’s simple and tastes great, despite the weird color. You blend fresh spinach with water, then add a fresh banana, frozen mango and pineapple. Easy peasy. Everything else is a variation on that theme of greens, fruit and water (no dairy). If you want to dabble with Simple Green Smoothies, you can check out their website for a ton of free recipes and advice. The book is nice because it bundles everything about green smoothies–the why and the how–into a simple to understand package.

I’ve mostly stuck with the Beginners Luck since it is surprisingly fruit tasting–the spinach is completely hidden from your taste buds by the fruit. I’ve even managed to get my teen to try a couple, and he agrees that they are delicious–and way better than eating salad.

I’m thinking of trying a 30 day challenge myself to see if a smoothie a day really does add up to weight loss. I’ve even purchased a new blender–my old wedding blender had gone one daiquiri too far when I started messing around with smoothies. I’ll report back later with my results!