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Buy this Tiny Desktop Dumpster Fire

Put a 2020 Dumpster Fire Christmas Ornament on your tree!

2020 has been a rough year, and this dumpster fire ornament sums up what a lot of us have been thinking.

3D printed dumpster fire ornament

I 3D printed these tiny dumpster fires as a Christmas ornament or a cute little desk doodad. You can order one from my Etsy Shop here!

I used a nice tree green and bright orange, but they would look equality good in recycling blue with a shiny silk metallic flame.

Inspired by my Favorite 2020 Gif

I’ve used this gif quite a lot this year. Have you?

Behold: the 3D Dumpster

3d printed desktop dumpster fire

My first dumpster fire print was horribly complicated, and for some reason involved a battery pack, RC motor and more than 10 hours of print time. It’s was fun project, but not one you can churn out by the dozen for friends.

(If you’re interested, the first one was modified from this Adafruit project.)

So after I got comfortable with Tinkercad, I made this one…

3D printed dumpster fire in orange and green

Simple. Cute. Easy to replicate.

Christmas Ornament Dumpster Fire

You can find the Dumpster on Thingiverse and if you own a 3D printer (or have a friend with one) you can make your very own tiny dumpster! I’m sharing it for free!

Welp, someone ignored my copyright, so I took the file down.

My new 3D Hobby

2020 wasn’t ALL bad: I got a 3D printer for my birthday and spent much of our newly found “free time at home” learning how to use it.

I never thought we’d own a 3D printer ourselves–I mean, aren’t they super expensive?? But the machines have really come down in price, especially if you’re willing to tinker around with a “some assembly required” printer.

We own the CR-10s from Creality. Once you get it dialed in, it’s a fantastic machine with a huge build plate!

If you’re on a tighter budget, I would seriously recommend a Creality Ender. They have a smaller build plate (about 250 mm square) and require a bit more assembly, but are trusty little machines with good quality. You can also grab one for around $200!

Made with Tinkercad

3D printers are a great way for families to get into STEAM projects together. My kiddo learned Tinkercad in 4th grade and in then got me interested in learning too!

Tinkercad is free web based design software made to introduce students to 3D printing and CAD design. It’s simple — you build things with shapes — and actually pretty powerful if you get creative with it.

My dumpster was basically a box with a few shaped cleverly stuck to it.

The fire was made by cutting out a single flame from construction paper, scanning it and turning it into an SVG file with a free online converter. I then pulled it into Tinkercad to make three dimensional.