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Grant’s Farm: 15+ Tips for an Awesome Visit

updated 2021

IT’S BACK!!! Grant’s Farm is open for 2021!

After a way too long 2020 shut down, our favorite St. Louis farm is ready for visitors!! I was invited to check out all the awesome new things Grant’s Farm has been working on while they were waiting for a safe time to reopen.

First and foremost: they’ve been working hard to put the FARM back in Grant’s Farm, with more cows, more chickens, more turtles…wait, are turtles even farm animals??

A few new things to look for when you visit:
The parakeets have a barn!
New mini Dairy Barn with a dozen baby cows to pet.
New animals: Giant Rabbits! Porcupines! More huge Turtles! More Chickens! More Cows!
The Bauernhof (beer garden) has upgraded their kitchen to offer more tasty food and faster service!

Things that haven’t changed:
Yes, you can pet and feed the goats! Plus, they’ve added a behind the scenes dairy barn for goat milking — so that bottle of milk you’re feeding the babies is farm fresh goat milk.
You can ride the camels!
Free animals shows! Free beer for grown ups!

deer at Grant's Farm

Do I have to Wear a Mask at Grant’s Farm in 2021?

Grant’s Farm is following St. Louis County guidance on masks and safety.

If you are vaccinated you DO NOT need a mask.

Kids under 9 are NOT required to wear a mask.

Not vaccinated? Wear a mask. Don’t feel comfortable without a mask? Go ahead and keep your mask!

New RSVP Required to Visit

Admission is still free and parking is still $15 per car. BUT due to you know what Grant’s Farm is requiring visitors to reserve a time slot visit. This is to keep lines down. You can stay as long as you like once inside the park.

RSVP for Grant’s Farm Here

Grant’s Farm is the perfect place for a weekend family outing. The kids get to feed goats, lamas and parakeets, maybe ride a camel and eat lots of ice cream. Mom and dad get few free beers. What’s not to love?

A boy and girl offer a llama feed from their hands.

So What is Grant’s Farm?

What do you get when you combine a small zoo, a historic place and a bit of corporate good citizenship? Well, if you’re in St. Louis…you’ve got Grant’s Farm! This is one of our favorite places to visit with the kids and I’m sure it will be yours too!

I have to admit, Grant’s Farm is an unusual tourist attraction! It’s basically a mini zoo run by Anheuser-Busch as a gesture of corporate goodwill. The farm is named after President Ulysses S. Grant, who’s family once owned the property.

In 1903 the land was acquired by the Busch family, who thought it would be a lovely retreat from their city home. Eventually Busch built a mansion, a German style barn and a deer park. In the 19th century it was trendy for the wealthy to play at being farmers–it’s pretty interesting stuff if you dig into it. I’m thinking he had some of the most pampered cows in town.

So how did this playground of the rich and famous become a beloved public attraction? In the 1950’s Anheuser-Busch was headed up by Gussie Busch, a real “man of the people.” He owned the St. Louis Cardinals, he built the first Busch Stadium and he was one heck of a promoter. He knew how much his friends loved visiting his animal collection, so he decided to open it to the public.

Grant’s Farm been open to the public for 67 years as of 2021. It’s changed a lot, but mostly for the better. 

log cabin build by President Ulysses S. Grant

History Lesson Over…Let’s get back to Grant’s Farm today!

— Here’s my Tips for the Best Visit EVER! —

Wear comfy walking shoes, a hat and sunblock

(File this under “duh.”) The park 280 acres! There’s lots of shade trees and a tram to take you through the deer park pastures, but there’s still a good bit of walking.

And remember the Clydesdale’s barn is in the back of the parking lot. You’ll want to see them too!

Clydesdale walking in green paddock.

Admission is FREE. Parking is not.

Parking is $15 a car. Right now we need to RSVP on line to reserve your time to visit. But once you in, you’re in! I’ve seen plenty of out-of-towners looking for a ticket booth that doesn’t exists.

You will need to pay for some of the extras like the carousel, camel rides and animal food.

boys riding the carousel horses at Grant's Farm

If it’s a nice summer day, go a little later.*

*Currently — in 2021 — we need to RSVP for a timed ticket. This should eliminate long lines to get into the park on a nice day.

Grant’s Farm is busiest on summer weekends when the tourists are in town. We’ve noticed top crowds when you come early–but remember, the Farm stays open about 90 minutes AFTER the gate closes, so an afternoon visit could mean a shorter line to get in and fewer people in the beer garden.

Or plan a Late Friday Evening Visit!

Friday Nights at the Farm are back! Every Friday night the farm is until 10pm! Gates close at 8:30pm.

Every Friday night there will be live music in the beer garden and fun food & beer pairing for the grownups.


Please, leave your Giant Stroller or Wagon at Home!

You’ll need to ride a tram to get into the park–all strollers have to be folded up and stored in the first car. If they can’t fold it, it’s not going.

They do rent strollers once you get to the Tier Garten, but the walk part of the park really isn’t that big. If you can do without your giant SUV style stroller, you’ll be a happy camper. And so will the rest of us waiting in line behind you as you unpack your stroller to fold it up.

No Outside Food!

If your in serious need of a picnic, visit nearby Whitecliff Park. Otherwise, just grab a bite to eat at the Farm. After all, Grant’s Farm offers two free adult beverages to everyone over 21, so it balances out whatever you’re buying for the kids.

Lunch at Grant's Farm: brat on bun with sauerkraut, potato salad and green salad on paper plate with Bud Light.
The kitchen has been updated for 2021…we’ll get the whole scoop on the new menu soon!

Conquer the Bauernhof!

Lunch crowds can be big at the main beer garden, so it’s better when you have at least two adults in your group. Have one stake out a table with the kids while the other tracks down snacks/lunch/daddy’s free beer.

Or hit Tier Garden Treats for lunch

If the Brat Haus line at the main beer garden looks too long, remember that you can get brats, pizza, hot dogs and ice cream at the food stand next to the amphitheater. This area is rarely crowded…probably because there’s no free beer here.

Yes! They take plastic!

For the longest time the Brat Haus and Tier Garden Treats only took cash. They’ve modern now, so no worries if you only brought your debit card. They take Master Card and Visa. (I told you, I’ve been going here a loooooooong time.)

kids on camel ride at Grants Farm

Still, bring some Cash–especially Quarters.

Grant’s Farm can be a pretty cheap weekend outing, but there’s a few extras you don’t want to miss!

Petting the baby goats are free, but feeding them is $2 for a bottle or cone of goat chow.

Small boy petting goat

You can feed camels, lamas, sheep & mini cattle–feed them for 50 cents and they’ll love you forever.

Take a spin on the carousel for $3–adults are free if you need to help a smaller child.

Feed the Parakeets for $3.

Camel rides are $10. You can grab your own photo, or let the pros do it for $5.

Want a photo with a Clydesdale? That’s $10–and they’ll let you pet him too.

boy in blue shirt holding blue parakeet and feeding it seed on a stick
grants farm free beer

Yes, there’s Free Beer.

Look for the Hospitality Bar in the Beer Garden for your 2 samples of free Anheuser Busch products. Everyone needs to step up and get their own beer, and they do check IDs if you look young. No, they won’t let you get a beer for your wife, husband or grandma who’s watching eight kids.

You’re only getting two samples at the hospitality bar. Really.

You might think with all of those people stopping by for a free beer that maybe the bartenders give out an occasional extra. Nope. I’ve seen these folks in action and they remember. Every. Visitor. They often hand you a second beer with a cheery, “see you next week!”

The blogger and her husband having a free beer from the Budweiser horse drawn wagon.

Do you want in free? Ride your bike.

Bike racks are located right off Grant’s Trail, an eight mile paved path that runs from Kirkwood to Lemay. The closest trail heads are at Applebee’s on Watson and next to Norrenbern’s Lumber on Tesshire Road. You’ll save some cash and burn some calories, it’s a win-win.

Dad and son on tagalong bike riding paved trail, with American flag on back of bike.

See the rest of General Grant’s estate at the National Historic Site next door.

Don’t even think about parking there and walking to Grant’s Farm, the Park Rangers patrol their parking lot looking for cheapskates. The Historical site has a museum and offer tours of White Haven, Julia Grant’s family homestead. Grant’s Farm, on the other hand has no problem if you leave your car in their lot at walk to the National Park. Look for the steps to Grant’s Trail over by the front gate, it’s just a few hundred feet between Grant’s Farm and the historical site.

Grant's canon

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Kid in Minecraft Creeper costume stands next to large wagon wheel at Grant's Farm

Holidays are Special at Grant’s Farm

During 2020 Grant’s Farm trying something new — they allowed visitors to drive their OWN cars through to see the holiday lights at both Halloween and Christmas. This was SO MUCH FUN that they plan on doing the car tours again for 2021. Stay tuned for details!