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Free Coloring Pages for Boys

Sloths! Robots! Monster Trucks! Coloring Pages to Keep Kids Stuck at Home Busy

coloring sheet of a giant happy robot

Speaking as a semi-professional Boy Mom with years of experience, I know all about the basic needs of the creative boy. He wants to color and do art, but maybe he won’t come within miles of glitter glue or pink crayons. (Then again, maybe he does.)

Sadly, a lot of coloring pages are full of…well…girly things.

Now don’t get me started on the whole “but girls like monster trucks too!” bit.

I know.


I was once a little girl who had as Tonka Trucks, Barbies, Hot Wheels and a Star Wars action figures. I hate to date myself, but I was giddy with joy playing with my Bionic Woman hair salon/repair station. Do her hair AND calibrate her robotic parts? Yes please!

Anyway. Coloring pages.

Here you’ll find an ever expanding collection of (not so girly) coloring pages for your kid. These pages are great for anytime your kids are bored…and during the current situation happening this spring 2020…we got us some bored kids.

Click any image to get a clean PDF line drawing to color as you like. Print out and enjoy!
Note: Some pages will take you to the original site to print your page.

Robot Coloring Sheets

robot coloring sheet
giant robot coloring sheet
hero punching giant robot
cartoon coloring page of c3po, bb8 and r2d2

Monster Truck Coloring Sheets

monster truck coloring sheet
monster truck crushing car

Dinosaur Coloring Sheets

dinosaur on a skateboard
silly dinosaurs in summer

Unicorn Coloring Sheets

(Hey, guys like unicorns if their cool!)

unicorns in a jar coloring sheet
unicorn with jetpack

Llamas and Sloths Coloring Pages

llama and sloth with boombox
llama and sloth surfing
llama and sloth in tree
sloth on a branch coloring sheet
Sloth on a branch, leaf border and saying Sloth Mode

Dragon Coloring Sheets

fire dragon
dragon flying around castle
dragon in space helmet
Pete's Dragon

Griffon Coloring Sheet

griffon in the sky

A Coloring Sheet for Snarky Kids or Maybe just Mom

Hey! You made it to the bottom! GREAT! Here’s a bonus 2020 coloring sheet that expresses everything we’re feeling right now.

dumpter fire coloring sheet

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Bonus FREE coloring sheet to express how we're all feeling about 2020.