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Halloween Nights at Grant’s Farm

Updated 2023

Grant’s Farm has returned to a walking event for Halloween nights — though the Halloween drive through was pretty cool, being able to walk the grounds at night and dance in the Teir Garten is so much more fun.

Halloween nights at Grant's Farm

Grant’s Farm Halloween Nights is BACK

Grant’s Farm has always been my favorite place to take the kids for Halloween. Halloween Nights was just your regular farm experience, but after dark and with a few mildly spooky decorations.

Ride the Haunted Tram Through Grant’s Farm

They’ve pulled out all the stops on decorating for Halloween!

the Haunted Farm at Grants Farm with twinkle lights, a scare crow and spooky tractor

You may not be seeing the cattle and deer, but what you will see are many haunted scenes staged through out the wooded park. Last year we had knights, haunted archeologists, a spooky campground and…aliens!

You’ll also get to drive through the Tiergarten and wave at the baby goats and llamas while admiring the Halloween decorations.

What’s the Route again?

Halloween Nights is just like a regular visit to Grants Farm, but after dark. You’ll park in the lot like always, then walk across the foot bridge to pick up a tram.

The tram will take you through the parkland — now decorated — and let you off at the Tier Garten. You can visit some animals, feed some goats and all the usual fun stuff.

But is it SCARY?

This spooky event is made especially for families. It’s similar to what we’ve seen from the Farm in previous years, with a bit more effort into the haunted scenes.

More smoke, more lights, more torches. More STUFF.

The themes aren’t really THAT scary: last year there was a pumpkin hill, a medieval village (keep your eyes peeled for the Bud Light Knight), a haunted farm and so forth. Real people in dark clothes (and face masks) are standing around the scenes, but don’t worry, they won’t scare the little ones.

The people don’t jump out and try to scare you. They might even wave.

Most scenes are populated by Grant’s Farm traditional skeleton horde. In fact, I spotted the hearse and skelly horse I’ve seen in previous years… The nice thing is skeletons are properly spooky, but not bloody.

Drive through spooky webs at Grant's Farm this Halloween.

Do you Need Tickets?

YES! Grant’s Farm is traditionally a free place to visit, with a bit of paid parking. They’ve always charged a bit more for their Halloween events. This year Grant’s Farm Halloween night is $16 to park and $12 per person to visit. Kids under 3 are free.

Should we Wear Costumes?

Costumes for kids have always been welcome at Grant’s Farm Halloween nights.

Are there beer samples?

Yes! As we are back to the full in person experience, you can expect two free samples from the hospitality bar plus snacks to purchase.