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More Mini Catapults than you can Shake a Stick at

Popsicle Stick Catapults your kids will Love to Make

Making Mini Catapults are not just great SCREEN FREE fun, but they’re dripping in STEM education. You can follow some of the plans we’ve done on the blog or see if you can come up with a totally NEW design!

Let kid’s exercise their creativity and challenge them to make any of these designs better by swapping out different building elements. What happens if you replace a binder clip with a clothes pin? Use bigger — or smaller — craft sticks? Can you use duct tape instead of hot glue?

Can you hold a catapult together with fuzzy sticks? String? Packing tape?

You’ll need a few basic craft supplies no matter which catapult you want to build. Most of these based on popsicle sticks — which you can buy new as “craft sticks.” (I don’t think you want your kid devouring a box of actual popsicles before they can start building.)

What can you Launch with a Popsicle Stick Catapult?

Just about anything small and light weight makes a great payload for your catapult.

Indoor projectiles: mini marshmallows, balls of foil, balls of paper, small candies. We don’t recommend super balls because they will just bounce away.

Outdoor projectiles: rocks. Seriously, don’t use rocks inside, m’kay?

More Mini Catapults to Build

Rubber bands, spoons, bottle caps and binder clips are common materials used in these designs. Grab your hot glue gun and lets start building!