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Trick or Train This Halloween at St. Louis Union Station

Grab your costumes kids, we’re heading to Union Station for an ALL NEW Halloween event! The historic train station has decorated for spooky fall fun for kids under 12 and their families.

A pirate and witch ready to greet kids at Union Station for Halloween

Where is it again?

The Halloween Experience is located at Union Station’s parking lot, ah hem, historic train shed. You’ll start at the far end, near the train tracks — away from the Aquarium & Wheel. You’ll end up at the Wheel’s plaza when you complete your journey through the experience.

A note on handicap accessibility: The first part of the experience (the maze rooms and barn) are on one level in a giant tent with wide halls.

However, the story portion is held inside historic train cars. You’ll need to be able to climb stairs and fit down narrow halls. Strollers are not allowed (they won’t fit) but you can park them outside the train and retrieve them later.

Union Station’s FAQ page for the event says that one of the train cars is handicap accessible (I believe that would be the last one) but you would be missing a huge part of the fun if you can’t navigate stairs.

But is it SCARY?

This event is made specially for kids under 12, so it’s not-too-scary Halloween fun! You’ll get to walk through four stationary railcars decked out in Halloween themes like pirates and witches.

Kids over 12 will find it pretty cheesy — but this is perfect for younger school kids. Mitch is just over the line at 13…he was feeling a bit too old for the antics, but went along so we could blog about it for my readers. He was happy to get out of the house for a bit, and tickled to get a bag of candy.

Kids start the journey wandering through a maze (kept dry in a big tent in the station’s parking area). They’ll see BOO-rific rooms decorated for the season (lots of skeletons, no blood) and be greeted by some clever skeleton actors who like to hide around corners.

Full disclosure: the skeletons kept jumping out of dark spots at me, probably because I’m easily startled and squealed like a little girl. I think they enjoyed scaring a mom, but they didn’t bother my kid or my friend’s kindergartener.

Person in skeleton costume at Union Station Halloween maze

After the skeleton rooms you’ll find yourself in a barn where a very friendly skeleton will give every child a pumpkin to take home. Here you’ll also find entertainers (we watched a juggler for a bit) and get a balloon animal.

Next you head for the train cars!

Each car is decorated to match a theme: pirates, witches, ghosts and candyland. They really outdid themselves on decorating with scenes inside the private cabins!

The witch’s car was my favorite — she had the dining car, with her cauldron set up on the bar and Frankenstein’s lab in the kitchen.

To keep everyone from bunching up, the actors will direct your family to a dot on the floor, then launch into their part of the story. The story is actually pre-recorded, so the actors don’t have to yell through their masks.

Each story has a clue to the Riddle of the Werewolf. After solving the mystery in the last car, kids will get a treat bag to take home.

When is the St. Louis Union Station Halloween Experience?

The Union Station Halloween Experience is open daily, October 9 – 31 from 1 to 9 p.m. with the last ticket sold at 8 p.m.

Ticket Prices

Timed tickets for the Union Station Halloween Experience are $20 per person and may be purchased on site or online at:

Save money by adding a ride on the St. Louis Wheel for just $33.84

Kids under 2 are free.

Can I wear a Costume?

YES! We’re all excited about Halloween and would LOVE to see the kiddos in their super awesome costumes! Adults are welcome to join in the fun, but please don’t cover your whole face — just your mouth & nose!

—>Yes, face masks are required. But full Halloween masks on adults are not allowed.

A note about Covid Safety

Union Station understands that families want to stay safe this Halloween. This ALL NEW event was planned with COVID-19 and guest safety in mind.

Only 12 people will be admitted to each train car at a time to allow for appropriate social distancing. Masks are required. The train cars and tent areas will be sanitized throughout the day according to Union Station’s strict safety protocols.

But wait, there’s more!

A fall festival market tent will house shopping and activities on the Purina Performance Plaza. Halloween items will be for sale, including decorating kits for pumpkins distributed during the event. 

Fun festival-style food and drinks will be available on the Plaza and Soda Fountain, Union Station’s popular retro diner, is adding Halloween Freak Shakes to the menu.

The St. Louis Wheel in orange lights for Halloween.

Halloween on the Wheel

Scan the skies for witches and ghosts from the top of the St. Louis Wheel! The 200-foot-tall observation wheel at Union Station will be lighted in Halloween colors during the event and a scary soundtrack will play on the Plaza.

Be sure to check out the hourly “fright light” shows will on the Union Station lake. 

Underwater Pumpkin Carving

That’s right, the St. Louis Aquarium will get into Halloween too, with underwater pumpkin carving. The Aquarium’s dive team will create Jack o’ Lantern as treats for the fishy residents of Shark Canyon.

Carving demonstrations will take place on Saturdays and Sundays during dive shows at 11 a.m. and 1:30 and 4 p.m.

flyer announcing the St. Louis Union Station Halloween Experience
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