21 Ways to Egg Decorate Easter Eggs Every Mom Should Know

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Whether you like to decorate hard boiled eggs, blown eggs or heck, even plastic eggs, I’ve got a fantastic way to make your kid’s Easter basket brimming with a rainbow of colors…and character!

Every year I love to decorate eggs with my kids! Since we like to admire our hard work, we usually do paper mache eggs for display. But we still dip a few hard boiled eggs in dye just for traditions sake. Or peel them and do THIS to them.

The Instant Pot has been GREAT for making easy to peel eggs (5-5-5 anyone?) but if you don’t have one of these miracle cookers, you might want to try this fun little hack for perfectly peelable eggs.

The Best Old School Dye Recipe

finished easter eggs

You can’t mess with perfection–here’s my perfect time tested egg dye recipe!

Natural Dyes for Eggs

natural dyes for eggs

Want to avoid using food coloring on eggs? Here’s directions for Naturally Dyed eggs using beet powder, blueberries and spice!easter egg





Shaving Cream Colored Eggs

Have you ever wanted to try shaving cream to decorate your eggs? Here’s how!

rainbow drip art eggs

Drip Art Rainbow Eggs

This technique uses blown eggs dangled from a string to make brilliantly colorful eggs.

egg dye pour painting

Pour “Painting” Dye for Easter Eggs

Drizzle your dye over regular hard boiled eggs or paper mache eggs.

easter egg

Easy Polka Dot Eggs

easy polka dot eggs

Here’s a great hack to form perfect polka dots on your traditionally dyed eggs!

silhouette Easter Eggs

Silhouette Easter Eggs

Make cool silhouettes on your dyed eggs using this trick!

brown easter eggs

How to Color Brown Eggs

Love brown eggs? Here’s tips on how to turn them into great Easter Eggs!

easter egg

Minecraft Spawn Eggs in real life

Minecraft Eggs

Did you know that all Minecraft critters come from an egg? (I bet your kid knew that!)

Minion Eggs no mess

Minion Easter Eggs (free printable)

Dye or paint your eggs yellow, then use Simple Every Day Mom’s printouts to give your eggs some Minion style. If you’re a Star Wars fan, check out her droid eggs here.

Disney eggs

Disney Easter Eggs (free printable)

Another one from Simple Every Day Mom, but with printouts for your favorite Disney characters.

dyeless colored egg

Dyeless Colored Eggs

Tired of getting dye all over the counter? Here’s directions on “painting” your eggs with markers and a tip to help you keep them forever.

easter egg
eric Carle decorated eggs

Eric Carle Eggs

Decorate Easter eggs with the same technique Eric Carle used for making the Very Hungry Caterpillar: Decoupage! Great for using on paper mache or wooden eggs.

flower and bunny ear eggs

Flower and Bunny Ear Eggs

You’ll want to keep these eggs for a while, so break out the paper mache or wooden eggs!





Unicorn Eggs

Cuteness overload!!plastic unicorn easter eggs

Crazy Hair Unicorn Eggs

Slip a few of these cuties in your next Easter Egg hunt for a special prize!

easter egghatch the chick eggsHatch the Chick

Instead of stuffing plastic eggs with candy, fill them with crafting supplies to turn the egg into a chick!

easter egg

story book eggs

Story Book Eggs

Decorate plastic or craft eggs with tissue paper and make them look like your favorite story book characters!easter egg

glitter eggs

Glitter Eggs

This one uses blown eggs, but you can cut the mess (and prep time) by using paper mache eggs.

nature eggsDecorate with Nature

Add a little nature to your spring time with these eggs decorated with natural materials picked up on a hike.

easter wooden chick eggs

Wooden Egg Chicks

Super cute chicks make with wooden eggs!


EggMazing Art

Use this cool gadget to put stripes on eggs–without any kind of mess!

colored Easter eggs in paper carton

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