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Free Printable Baby Yoda Valentine’s for Your Kid’s Class

We’re loving The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda over here and just HAD to make a few free Star Wars Valentine’s cards with this little cutie to share with you! Print them, cut them out and they’re ready to stick in your child’s Valentine letter box!

baby yoda holding a heart for Valentine's day
Baby Yoda 2.0

Yes, yes, we know…he’s “the Child”. How boring.

Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian stole our heart

Have you watched all eight episodes of the Mandalorian? I’m so happy that The Child wasn’t just a little gimmick for a few episodes, but ended the season as Mando’s new foundling son. A clan of two!

Watching the steely faceless bounty hunter only know as Mando (for seven episodes, at least) warm up to Baby Yoda was the best television I’ve seen in a long time. Probably better than some of the Star Wars movies that have made it to the big screen. Cough, Phantom Menace, cough cough.

the Mandalorian and baby Yoda, with baby reaching for the ships controls

I learned how to sketch the little green guy just so I could make you a couple free printables in time for Valentine’s Day. My boys never liked giving out super mushy cards at school parties, so we’ve always looked for something more like a “friendship card”.

The first time I drew Baby Yoda he looked like a toad, but I think you’ll have to admit my new one get’s the vibe fairly well.

first try at baby yoda for valentines, hand drawn holding a heart
Toad Yoda?

Baby Yoda Valentine Card

To make these cards, just load up your color printer with card stock and you’ll be on your way to having the coolest Valentine’s in the galaxy. Each printable has 8 one-sided Valentine cards.

Baby Yoda valentines day card, 8 to a sheet, says Yoda One for me and Baby, Yoda Best.

Grab your free printable Baby Yoda Valentine cards by clicking the link below!
–> Baby Yoda Printable HERE <–

Learn to Draw Baby Yoda

Would your kid like to learn how to draw their own little Baby Yoda? I found this really easy drawing tutorial that’s really helpful! This is what I watched to get started on my version of Baby Yoda, then added a bit more of my own style.

screen shot of how to draw baby yoda tutorial on youtube
Baby Yoda with Mando on his ship
One more Baby Yoda photo…because…baby Yoda.