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17 Paper Fortune Tellers Your kids will Love (free printable)

Updated 2020

If you grew up before “screen time” was a thing to worry about, then you’ve made origami paper fortune tellersalso known as cootie catchers or chatterboxes — when you were a kid. Right?

Or if you’re all left thumbs like I am…you played with one a friend made

One day Mitch came home with a folded paper fortune teller his friend’s mom made to entertain them during a sleepover. He thought it was the coolest thing ever and insisted (several times) to tell my fortune with it.

It was getting pretty beat up after a few days, so I thought I’d make another one. My lack of origami skills was making this a VERY difficult reverse engineering task, and I almost gave up. So I turned to the internet for directions and found a bazillion ideas for making paper fortune tellers.

Ok, bazillion might be much. But we found a few good ones. I’ll share a few of my favorites below!

How to fold Origami Paper Fortune Tellers

how to fold a paper Paper Fortune Teller  shown in a gif

How to Play with a Folded Paper Fortune Teller

If you don’t remember how to play with a fortune teller, it’s ok. I’ve got you covered! These might vary with how they’re made, but here’s the basic method:

  • Ask a friend to pick a color from the top of the fortune teller. Spell out the color while working the teller back and forth. So, if they pick blue, you say “B-L-U-E” and work it four times for each letter.
  • Keep the teller open and have your friend pick a number. Work it back and forth that many times.
  • Then have them pick flap to open and read their fortune!
2 colorful Paper Fortune Tellers

A Blank Fortune Teller You can Fold and Fill with Your Own Fortunes

Ready to make your very own Paper Fortune Teller? Here’s a blank template you can print out–just fill in your own fortunes! Click the image to download a PDF you can print.

blank fortune teller template

If you don’t know what to put in your fortune teller, here’s a few ideas…

Magic 8 Ball Fortune Teller

Magic 8 Ball Paper fortune teller

…answers all your questions! (Click the image to get a color PDF you can print!)

If you’re making this without the printable, use sayings from the classic Magic 8 Ball as your fortunes. You’ll need the inner triangles to say eight different things to answer your question. A real Magic 8 Ball has room for 20 sayings, but we only have space for 8.

Here’s all the things I’ve found in a Magic 8 ball. Pick your favorites! To be fair, you’ll want an even mix of positive and negative answers…or maybe you want to make one that’s all NOPES! (A Magic Nope Ball?)

Yes, definitely.
It is certain.
It is decidedly so.
Without a doubt.
You may rely on it.
As I see it, yes.
Most Likely.
Outlook good.
Signs point to yes.
Reply hazy, try again.
Ask again later.
Better not tell you now.
Cannot predict now.
Concentrate and ask again.
Don’t count on it.
My reply is no.
My sources say no.
Outlook not so good.
Very doubtful.

Ice Breaker Fortune Teller

Here’s a great fortune teller to make when meeting new people! Click the image to print the PDF.

Here’s some ideas for a basic fortune teller…kinda like a fortune cookie, it’s hard for these fortunes to not come true!

Good fortune is yours!
Someone is thinking of you.
Welcome change.
You will have good luck today!
Good news will come to you by text.
News ideas could be profitable.
Others can help you now.
Soon life will become more interesting.

A Fortune Teller for Mom (and Dad)

Why not fill a fortune teller with only GOOD things? Like things you wish the kids would do for you. This is fun one to make for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a birthday! Make a blank fortune teller and ask your child to fill it with things they could do for mom or dad on their special day.

Then let them give their gift–and follow through on the lucky parent’s good fortune!

Hug your mom/dad
Help mom/dad with a chore
Blow mom/dad a kiss
Do something nice today
Write a special note for mom/dad
Bring mom/dad a snack
Clean your room
Draw a Picture for Mom/Dad

Social Media Fortune Teller

I made this on PicMonkey! (Click the image to get a color PDF you can print!)

social media fortune teller

Even More Fortune Tellers!

More Paper Fortune Teller Ideas

Need more great ideas on what to put inside your Paper Fortune Teller? I've scoured the internet to find these awesome ideas, from Harry Potter sorting hats to fortunes for eco warriors.

Are the kids fighting over what to watch on Netflix? Then print out this one! Netflix Fortune Teller. OK, it might be a little dated… But you can always make your own teller from a blank and fill it with your movie watch list!

Netflx Paper Fortune Tellers
paper fortune tellers
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