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You’ve Got Mail! Valentine Boxes for Kids to Craft

Why should your creative kid stash his or her classroom Valentines in a boring paper bag when they can make one of these super cute Valentine Mail Boxes?

three homemade Valentine card boxes: a bee, a taco and a puppy

These are some of the cutest home made Valentine card boxes you can make. I’m not gonna lie, younger kids will need some help getting most of these designs together. But seriously, is there a better way to spend an afternoon than crafting with your kid?

If you need ideas on homemade Valentine cards, I’ve got a couple really good ideas! Star Wars fans will love these 32 Baby Yoda Valentine cards I found (and even made a few myself) and Minecrafter gamers will DIG these classic Minecraft Valentines they can print out and give to classmates.

And yes, all of these are free!

Valentine Card Boxes for School

Here's a dozen creative and adorable Valentine Mail Boxes you can make with your kids for collecting and storing their classroom Valentine cards. It's a good idea to ask your child's teacher if kids should make boxes at home or if they are going to be making them at school or during a class party.