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8 Crayon Organizer Hacks You’ll Want to Make Right Now

Organize your crayons, markers and colored pencils with these cool crafts.

Every year you buy your kids a fresh box of crayons for school. Then you pick up another box (or two!) for home because, hey cheap crayons!

Later in the year, you clean out your pantry/craft stash/junk draw and realize….holy cow…you’re up to your eyeball in crayons, colored pencils and questionable markers.

pile of assorted crayons

But you don’t want to throw out a perfectly decent batch of crayons. Even if the black one is down to a nubbin and the yellow one is broken.

No worries mom!

We have the same crayon storage problems, but we also have a few cool ideas on how to tame the colors.

Crayon Storage

We have more crayons than you can shake a stick at! But where do you put all of them? Here's a few ideas...

Could I just Buy a Crayon Organizer?

Well of course you can! Crayola always has something cool to hold their massive collections of colors…but remember you’re buying the CRAYONS too. This post is more about rounding up all the loose crayons you already have in your house.

Crayola crayon caddy in green holds 152 crayons and a sharpener
The Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection holds 152 colors and a sharpener.

A Note on those Awesome Art Boxes

Mitch is quite the artist, which means he’s received several “complete art kits” for birthdays and Christmas. These kits are pretty tempting: 64 crayons, 40 markers, a boat load of paints…

But here’s something we noticed. The bigger kits are often so large when you open them up that a kid can’t reach all the colors when sitting down.

Some kits contain things you don’t want your 5 year old using just yet — oil pastels, yikes!

And what happens when you break the blue crayon…go buy a whole new box?

Nope. The best thing you can do is avoid the kits. If your child gets one as a gift, have them say thank you. Take a picture of them using it to send to grandma (or whomever set it) and then junk the box. Dump all the crayons into a nice tub or crayon caddy. Store the paints in safe place.

Then recycle the kit into a holder for paper or Hot Wheels.