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New MOBS: Awesome FREE Minecraft Valentine’s Cards for Kids

New Designs with Llamas, Pandas and Bees!

My boys love Minecraft…but they aren’t really fond of Valentine’s Day. I mean, they like getting chocolate hearts from their mom–that’s cool. But sending out cute Valentine’s to all the kids in their classroom? No thanks!

We started making our own Valentine cards at home so we can get just the right “friendly” non-mushy message across…Minecraft style. We’re so happy to share with these free printables with you!

I’ve updated our classic Minecraft Valentine cards with NEW MOBS! We’ve added Llamas, pandas and BEEs! These cards are six to a page and one sided. Just sign the bottom and you’re ready to roll!

Six Minecraft Valentine cards

I’ve kept my old designs here if you would like to make a 2 sided card. It looks great on cardstock!

And if you EVEN MORE Minecraft Valentines, I’ve got a collection of over 40 designs from myself and NINE other blogger moms. And of course all the designs are free to print out!

Paper Minecraft creeper holding a Valentine card that says "you're dynamite"

If you hit up Pinterest, you’ll find plenty of Minecraft inspired Valentine’s Day cards…for sale. Heck, sometimes the links don’t even lead anywhere useful!

Paper Minecraft creeper sitting near Valentine cards

Make Minecraft Valentine Cards for the Whole Class

Here’s my original attempt at Minecraft Valentine humor. It’s a PDF with eight little two-sided cards
>> Minecraft Valentine Printable <<

You can print the cards two-sided on card stock, or one sided and glue them to construction paper.

minecraft valentine card

Want even MORE Minecraft Valentines?? Here’s some stuff to make it a Minecraft Valentine’s Day at your house too!

Does your kid love Minecraft, but doesn't want to send out super mushy Valentine cards to the class? We got ya covered with these EIGHT free printables you can make at home.  
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Note: Minecraft belongs to and is copyrighted by Mojang, a wonderful group people who let us play in their world. Thanks!!