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How to Make an Awesome Valentine Origami Fortune Teller

Do you need candy free Valentine treats for your kid’s classroom party? Or maybe just a fun paper craft to brighten your child’s day? Then grab your free printable (below) and play the Fortune Telling Game: Valentine’s Edition!

paper Valentine Day fortune tellers with hearts

And if you need some classroom Valentine Cards to go with that…I have a few your kids will love! I’ve got our super popular Minecraft Valentines over here, and new this year: Baby Yoda cards!

Valentine Paper Fortune Teller

Ask this very special fortune teller if that guy you you have a crush on likes you too, or if you’re gonna marry Chris Hemsworth in the near future. (You know, this is just for fun…right?)

Don’t worry, I made these strictly PG and safe for elementary kids!

Wait, what’s a Fortune Teller Anyway?

Children have been folding up paper fortune tellers since forever ago…or at least since 1928 (according to Wikipedia). Fortune tellers–or cootie catchers? ewwww!–are a simple origami project that’s way easy to learn.

paper fortune teller with hearts for Valentine's day

They’re actually based on a salt cellar — flip it upside down and you can hold candy in it!

You’ll quickly pickup the folding method once you’ve made a couple. Pretty soon you’ll be folding them out of blank paper and making up your own silly fortunes.

Great as a Valentine Party Favor

Want to include tiny card sized Fortune Tellers with your kid’s Valentine cards for a party? Great! I busted out the shrink ray and made a special Tiny Teller just for you! There’s four to a page, so you won’t waste a lot of paper printing out 20 or 30 of these adorable little paper wonders.

What’s inside the Fortune Teller?

I love the original Magic 8 Ball teller I made for you guys a while back. So I updated it for Valentine’s Day with tons-o-hearts! I also made one filled with sayings from conversation hearts. #LOVE

Or Write your Own Fortune!

Are you feeling super creative? You can aI also made a special blank fortune teller so you or your kiddo can write whatever you like on the inside.

Don’t Have a Color Printer?

Oh nooz! If you have a black & white sort of printer (laser, anyone?) you can make do with the Fill in the Blank teller and add a splash of color with markers or crayons. The other two look pretty decent in black & white, feel free to add color with a marker to jazz things up.

You can also download my file and take it to a print & copy shop and use their color copier.

* * * Download your files here! They’re free! * * *

Valentine Magic 8 Ball Fortune Teller

Valentine Conversation Heart Fortune Teller

Valentine Write Your Own Fortune Teller

Tiny Conversation Heart Fortune Teller

Tiny Magic 8 Ball Fortune Teller

How to Fold your Valentine Fortune Teller

Directions are printed on each free printable on how to fold the fortune teller. It uses very simple origami folds — anyone can do it!

step by step visual guide to folding a paper fortune teller
paper Valentine Day fortune tellers with hearts

How to Fold a Valentine's Day Origami Paper Fortune Teller

Folding a paper fortune teller is pretty simple, let me show you how!


  • Paper
  • Free printable Valentine Fortune teller (optional)


  • Scissors


  1. Print out the Fortune Teller and cut into a square.
  2. Fold the paper into fourths.
  3. Unfold the paper.
  4. Fold over the four corners, evenly into the middle.
  5. Fold into fourths again.
  6. Flip over the paper.
  7. Fold over the corners on the new side of the paper.
  8. Fold into fourths one last time.
  9. Fit your fingers into the slits and open.
make a special Valentine's Day paper fortune teller to hand out as party favors or give with school party friendship cards. Three designs: Magic 8 Ball, Conversation Hearts and fill in the blank
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