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Magic House Summer Camps Are STEM-a-rific Fun (without the bugs)

I simply can’t say enough about how awesome the Magic House camps are for your creative kids! Mitch has done Maker Camp FOUR TIMES and the Art Camp twice! He’s still making cardboard machines 4 years after learning about the wonders of duct tape at the Magic House’s Camp Make It one summer.

Magic House Summer Camp

Summer seems like miles away, but the best time to get your kids signed up for a really fun camp is right now! Update for 2020: registration is now open! 

Psst: this post is sponsored by the Magic House. All opinions are our own.

Magic House Summer Camp

Magic House brings the AWESOME

There’s a reason to pick the Magic House for summer camp, and that’s the AWESOME staff. The staff at Mitch’s camps were so helpful, cheerful and great with kids. You expect the very best from the Magic House, and they deliver. 

Look, I’m all about doing traditional camp in the woods with the bugs, mud and s’mores, but camp at the Magic House is something special. And it’s not just the air conditioning.

The Magic House is all about creativity, science and wonder. You’ll get the kids away from their screens doing super fun stuff with no worry of sunburn and bug bites. I love being able to give my kids a mix of traditional scout camps and creative STEM camps–and the Magic House is the best place in St. Louis to do it!

Who can Camp at the Magic House?

The Magic House has camps for kids from 4 to 13 and there’s four age brackets: 4-5 year olds, 6-8 year olds, 8-11 year olds and 11 to 13. They have half day camps for the little guys and older kids do an full day camp.

Camps for the oldest kids — the 11 to 13 group — are held exclusively at their satellite location at MADE.

Magic House Summer Camp

Campers get to do all the cool stuff you’d expect from the Magic House: art, science and maker fun! They’ll get to explore the exhibits, but mostly they’ll be working on special projects related to their camp theme. Mitch has made scribble bots and a cardboard arcade game at Camp Make-it and explored tons of creativity at Camp Artist.

Where are Magic Camps located?

Last year the Magic House opened it’s first permanent satellite location at MADE for Kids. It’s located on Delmar not far from Forest Park. MADE is a special “maker zone” for kids with an art studio, building areas and lots of high tech.

Because they now have two great locations, they have TWO great places for camp! Camp Magic House is located at the home base in Kirkwood, while Camp MADE is at the new St. Louis location.

Camp Magic House has camps for kids from 4 to 11, while Camp MADE is for kids from 6 to 13.
Camp MADE only hosts a full day camp.

Each location sorts campers by age group, so you won’t have preschoolers and middle schoolers in the same camp.

Camp Themes

There are five “camps” to choose from: Camp Artist, Camp Maker, Camp Scientists, Camp World Travelers and Camp MADE.

The first four (Art, Makers, Science and Travel) are held at the original Magic House. Camp MADE is at the St. Louis location. There are several sessions to choose from so your kid could attend multiple weeks of camp.

Magic House Summer Camp

Half Day Camps

Half Day camps –either in the morning or the afternoon–are held at the Magic House in Kirkwood.

There are plenty of sessions. Each session features all new themes and activities, so you can sign your kid up for all three and have new experiences!

The cost for the weeklong, half-day camps is $125 per camper per session. Members of The Magic House at the Family level and above receive a special reduced rate of $100 per camper per session.

Full Day Camps

Full-day camps are available for kids from 8 to 13 and take place from 9am to 4pm. The cost is $250 per camper per session. Members of The Magic House at the Family level and above receive a special reduced rate of $200 per camper.

You’ll need to send a sack lunch for full day camps.

Full day camps end with a “spectacular showcase” for the kids to show off everything they’ve made during the week.

For more information on dates and themes or to register for summer camp, visit The Magic House online or call 314.822.8900.

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