I Forgot the Tooth Fairy & a Free Fairy Apology Letter to help you out

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We’ve all been there…your kid tells you they have a loose tooth and by the time bedtime rolls around you forget all about THE TOOTH FAIRY.

Bum bum bummmmmmm!

It happened to me with one of Mitch’s front teeth. Yep. It was his THIRD TOOTH. You’d think I’d be on top of it with a biggie like the front teeth, huh?

a fairy in the grass, looking sad because she was forgotten

I don’t know how I forgot about staging a Tooth Fairy visit, certainly not after Mitch had been telling me his other front tooth was loose for, I don’t know…weeks! This ranks right up there with the time I forgot my oldest at summer camp. Well, maybe not that bad.

At least my kids will have something to talk to their therapists about one day.

How Could I Forget the Tooth Fairy?

So here’s the story: Mitch lost his tooth on a Friday morning–he told me about it over breakfast. Mitch also has a tooth fairy pillow in his room, so he just tucked the tooth right in. I didn’t see it, so I don’t think it fully registered in my mind.

Despite writing a post about tooth fairy rates not 30 days previous, I forgot my role as tooth fairy. Huge mom fail!

Then Mitch didn’t tell me about the tooth fairy forgetting him until Sunday evening–two days later. Maybe he forgot too? Or worse, he’s been checking his pillow all weekend, and has been finding nothing but that icky old tooth. Ouch.

Forgotten Tooth? How to Recover a Tooth Fairy Fail!

I thought quickly and told him we would write a note to the tooth fairy before bed, which would get her attention. Here’s the note. (He asked me to draw a tooth for him.)

We put the his note by the bed, and the tooth back under the pillow.

note to tooth fairy with hand drawn tooth

I also decided the tooth fairy should be very sorry for missing him, so she’s wrote him a note back. I did some online search for tooth fairy notes for ideas, and wow, do people get into their tooth fairy roles!

Since I didn’t have time to order a personalized note from Esty, I kept it simple. I pulled a tooth fairy graphic from Pixabay (a free image site) and typed up an official looking letterhead, then left a quick apology. “Sorry about the mix up! Thanks for the lovey tooth.”

I then printed the note at 25% so it looks appropriately fairy size.

apology letter from the tooth fairy with glitter and quarters

I’m also tempted to leave more than the usual handful of coins, but I don’t want Mitch to get any ideas and start hiding his teeth. This is only the kid’s 3rd tooth, we’ve got a few more visits from “Starry Willow Tree” ahead of us.

(I used a Tooth Fairy Name random generator to get the name.)

A Tooth Fairy Apology Note

You may not know this, but I used to work as a typesetter in a printshop back in the day. Whipping up a cute letterhead isn’t a big deal for me, but not everyone has that kind of experience! Let me save you some time by giving you a copy of my tooth fairy letterhead–you’ve got enough on your plate mom!

If you want a “grab and go” tooth fairy note, then just click the tiny letter I made below to get a PDF you can print RIGHT NOW. It’s 2 x 2.5 inches.

apology letter from the tooth fairy you can print for free

If you want to write your own note on this Tooth Fairy Letterhead, then print this blank one instead. Click the image to get the pdf. The blank letterhead is human sized, so you can type on it and scale it down, or print it small and then write on it…

tooth fairy letterhead you can print for free

–> Click here for more awesome Tooth Fairy crafts! <–

Here’s links to some of the cuter free printables I found while searching for tooth fairy notes. Maybe one will find it’s way under your kid’s pillow!

The Doodle Girl had a cute pdf to printout, plus stories about how her child’s tooth fairy went to the wrong house and was chased by a dog.

Rooftop Post has some wordy notes you can print out from the tooth fairy if you’re not sure what to say. Lots of examples!

For business like fairies, here’s a tooth invoice you can personalize.

Forgetful tooth fairy note from Over the Big Moon

It looks like I’m not the first mom to forget a tooth! So, maybe Mitch won’t be completely scared by my massive mom fail. I hope.

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