16 Crafts to Make for a Tooth Fairy Visit

Take your Tooth Fairy Game up a notch with these crafts for kids and sneaky fairy tips for parents.

tooth fairy pillow diy

Easy DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow

Make it super easy for the tooth fairy to find that tooth with a simple felt pillow.

tooth fairy pillow is a great beginning sewing project

Tooth Shaped Tooth Fairy Pillow Tutorial

Seriously, you need a tooth fairy pillow!tooth fairy pillow pouch

Bunkbed Tooth Fairy Pillow

This tooth fairy pouch is what you need if your kiddo has a bunk or loft bed.

tooth fairy box

Tooth Fairy Box

This craft is from the UK where Kinder Surprise chocolates are a lot cooler. American’s can make something similar using a plastic Easter Egg.

tooth fairy tin

Tooth Fairy Tin

Make a cute box for the tooth fairy from a moisturizer tin.

tooth exchange mailbox

Tooth Exchange Mailbox

If you’re not really into the whole “fairy” thing or just want to avoid retrieving teeth from under a pillow, try this cool mailbox idea.

tooth fairy dust

Tooth Fairy Gifts

Is your kid’s Tooth Fairy “Extra”? Then here’s some gift ideas to use instead of money! (Just make them in advance and keep them hidden until needed!)

tooth fairy leaf envelopes

Tiny Tooth Fairy Notes

Does your Tooth Fairy like to write notes? Here’s an awesome idea!

tooth fairy ideas for mom

Tooth Fairy Tips

If your kid hasn’t lost that first tooth yet, read this to help plan your fairy strategy!

I forgot the toothfairy by stlMotherhood

Forgot the Tooth Fairy?

Here’s what we did when the Tooth Fairy got so busy she forgot to drop by…

tooth fairy certificate

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Certificates

Make that first (or 5th) visit extra special!

tooth fairy

Fun Facts about the Tooth Fairy

Learn trivia about the tooth fairy in the US and around the world. (Did you know the tooth fairy didn’t start working her magic until about 1908?)


Take Care of Those Teeth!

Pointers from Tooth Fairy Mom on taking care of those teeth, plus a chart and ribbons to hand out.

tooth fairy cookies

How to Trick the Tooth Fairy and make Awesome Cookies

Discover a fun tooth fairy book along with a cookie recipe and directions for tooth fairy activities.

tooth crafts

Make a Set of Teeth

Now that your kids are interested in the tooth fairy, make some silly teeth!

tooth fairy homeschool pack

Tooth Fairy for Homeschoolers

Here’s a pack of 65 free printables worksheets bursting toothy goodness about teeth and the tooth fairy.

what to do with baby teeth

What do People do with all those Teeth??

One blogger was curious…what do moms (AKA the Real Tooth Fairy) do with all those teeth? Click the link to find out!

tooth fairy things to do