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20 Awesome 3D Printed Toys You Can Make Right NOW

A Few Cents can Buy Custom Made Fun with a 3D Printer

Did you know that 3D printed toys are really quite cheap? Sure, your printer cost several hundred dollars (or more), but a roll of brightly colored plastic filament can be picked up for around $20.

3D Printing is a Modern Family Hobby

3D printing is the perfect hobby your whole family can enjoy. Sure, it requires a bit of adult supervision, but so does teaching your kid to cook or use a Dremel on their Pinewood Derby car.

3d printed pineapple springo (slinky)

No Need for Design Skills

You don’t need to know how to design 3D prints to start making toys and gadgets! Many designers share their creations for free on sites like Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, Cults…and even NASA!

But if you are ready to tackle design, start with Tinkercad! It’s a free online program developed for students by the pros at AutoCad.

I made these 3D printed “brush bots” on Tinkercad and topped them with cute creatures pulled from Thingiverse.

Make Sure You Print Toys for Your Child’s Age

Please remember that most files you’ll find online were created by other 3D enthusiasts, not professional toy makers. A lot of toys I’ve seen online have small parts or easily broken pieces. If your kid isn’t ready for regular sized LEGOs, they’re not ready for your home made 3D creations.

But if your kids are elementary aged and up and want to learn practical STEM skills and computerized art they’ll love 3D printing!

The Best 3D Printed Toys

Want to 3D print something fun and (sorta) useful? Try making some of these cool toy designs!