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9 Silly Toys You Can Make from Plastic Easter Eggs

When Easter is over I stuff all the baskets and plastic eggs (and a few crafts we didn’t get to) into a big plastic tub in my basement.

I haven’t bought plastic eggs in YEARS — but I still have quite a collection. My boys truly love hunting for eggs on Easter morning, so I’ve got a good 50 or more in the tub!

3 toys made from plastic eggs: alien, Minecraft spawn egg and maracas

Thrifty Upcycling

Did you know kids can make some pretty cool toys from leftover plastic eggs? And we’re not just talking “spring bunny” type toys.

These are items are so cool, you might find yourself digging through the holiday tub mid July to make more!

Toys from Plastic Eggs

What can your kids make from recycled plastic Easter Eggs? Quite a lot!