23 Fantastic Ideas for Spring Break Family Fun

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This post may contain affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. See the disclosure policy for more information.

If you’re not heading to a warm sandy beach for Spring Break, you’re probably like me…looking for something fun to entertain the kids close to home! Yep, it’s spring break Staycation Style! Don’t worry, you can still have a ton of fun with little to no planning, because I did all the leg work for you!

child is dressed in an astronaut costume

This blog post contains affiliate links which may reward me in the event of a subscription or sale. I use these funds to feed my dog. Thanks for the dog food.

Make a Spring Break Plan

If you’re a Type A kinda parents, then take a look at the suggestions below and map out your entire week with fun–and educationally enriching–ideas. Not big planner? That’s ok too! You can print out the whole list HERE in color or here in black and white, cut it into strips and let the kids pick their favorite (after, you know, you throw out the ideas that just won’t work for you). Feeling bohemian? Pick out the best ideas, fold them up and put them in a JAR. Then the kids can pick one idea at random to do that day!small blue bucket full of color paper with kid activities printed on them

Need help with the planning bit? Anna from My Life and Kids had a great little free printable you can use to help organize your spring break ideas. Click on over to her site and print it out. I’ll be right here waiting for you when you come back…with more ideas than you can shake a stick at!
spring break planner

Free and Cheap Outdoor Spring Break Ideas

If the weather is nice for your spring break you should totally take advantage of all the free fun that waiting outside!

Visit a new park  KaBoom is a wonderful organization that builds–and tracks–parks. Visit the KaBoom website to find a park you haven’t visited yet. If you’re my neighbor, then check out Mitch’s favorite playgrounds in St. Louis here.

Ride your bike  We love to ride Grant’s Trail on our bikes–it’s a smooth paved trail that used to be a railroad track, so it’s super flat. Take your bikes out to a park with a trail, or just around the neighborhood if you’re on a quiet street. Trailnet is a great source to find bucket loads rails-to-trails paths you can explore all over the USA.

Bike trip through the forest

Hike a trail  Pack some snacks and a water bottle and go explore! It doesn’t have to be an all day trail either, pick one the meets your family’s level of fitness. Then plan to wander by a creek, collect rocks and study bugs.

Picnic time  While you’re visiting one of those parks you can pack a picnic! It doesn’t have to be complex, one of my favorite things to do with the boys is grab lunch at a drive through and picnic at Laurimeir Sculpture Park. Bonus if you pack a kite or some paper airplanes!

Roast Marshmallows  Do you have a fire pit in your backyard? Then use it for some quality outdoor family time! We light to grab some glowsticks and bring out one of our portable speakers to enjoy a little music or (clean) comedy by the fire pit.

Go Geocaching  Gone are the days when you needed expensive equipment to try this fun outdoor treasure hunt. You can try it out with a free app. I’ve got some tips on getting started here.

have fun outside

Outdoor Spring Break Ideas that Cost a Little for a Lot of Fun

Play Miniature Golf We have a great miniature golf course near our house that also has go-carts and an arcade. Do a quick Google search and you’re sure to find a great course to play.great wolf lodge mini golf

Go to the Amusement Park  Most amusement parks open back up in the spring (if they ever closed for the season). Check your local Six Flags or whatever is in your area and see if they’re open in time for spring break.

Visit the Zoo  Our St. Louis Zoo has free admission, so it rightfully belongs on the “cheap” end of this list, but I know that not everyone is as lucky as we are.  Check the best zoos in the U.S. according to USA Today.

visit the St. Louis Zoo for free

Indoor Spring Break Fun that’s Free or Cheap

The weather doesn’t always work out for spring break…sometimes we get rain or, brrrrr even snow! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered for that too.

Have a Craft Day  I’ve got a few ideas on the blog here, or you can go wander your local craft store for a kit. I can also recommend Red Ted Art for some amazing ideas using common materials you have laying around the house.

Movie Night  Pop some popcorn and break out the Netflix/Prime/Hulu for some family fun on the couch.

family watching netflix

Have a Game Night  How often do you play board games with the kids? Clear off the table give it a try…maybe it’s even time to teach them a new game!

Make Play Dough or Squishy Circuits  Squishy Circuits is “electric play dough,” a special homemade dough pretty similar to commercial Playdoh that conducts electricity. You can use the recipe even if you’re not using it to light up LED lights. Check out the directions and supplies here. If you have cream of tartar in your pantry you probably have all the ingredients. squishy circuits dough

Visit the Local Library  Don’t forget about the library! Libraries have entered the 21st century and becoming great places to gather, learn and play. And make sure you get a book too!

Plant some seeds. Spring is all about growing things, so grab some dirt and a little grass seeds to make egg heads or this cool Minecraft grass block.

egg head

Camp…in the living room. Sometimes here in the Midwest, we have great spring breaks where we can get outside and frolic in the tulips. Other times we’re building snowmen. Go figure. You can set up a play tent or blanket fort in the living room and let the kids hang out there to play games or read a book. Anyone for toaster s’mores?

Indoor Spring Break Ideas that Cost a Little for a Lot of Fun

Go Bowling  Don’t worry about the gutter balls, it’s all just fun. Or make your own from plastic soda bottles!

Visit a Trampoline Park  Around here we have Sky Zone, Flying Spider and Rockin’ Jump, all great places to let your kids bounce out their energy. These chains are nation wide, so just Google “trampoline park” and you’re sure to find some great places. Trampoline parks are best for older kids, so if you really want to take a pre-schooler check the website for special “toddler times” when they rule the court.Skyzone birthday parties are freakin awesome

Laser Tag  Grab some friends and head to your local laser tag arena for a great afternoon of real life arcade games! Most laser tag arenas also have other games to play, from dodge ball to mini golf. Around St. Louis I like to recommend Epic 6 and Chesterfield Sports Fusion. Check their websites for specials they usually run when the kids are on school breaks.

Children’s Museum  “Museum” is a bit of a misnomer, since kids have so much fun doing hands on experiments and imagination play that they don’t realize they’re also learning. In St. Louis we have the world-renowned Magic House, and the Myseum in Town and Country. We also have the amazing artist built City Museum downtown where slides and tunnels are built from industrial scrap–it’s great for kids who are old enough to explore on their own–and parents with the courage to let them. Heres’ Red Tricycle list of the top Children’s Museums for each state.Magic House

Science Museum  Shhhh, never tell your kid they’ll learn something on their trip to a great science center! My local Saint Louis Science Center covers everything from dinos to NASA. Parents Magazine has a Top Ten of the best science museums in the United States–hopefully one is near you!

Eat Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt  Who said summer was the only time you could take an ice cream break? Visit an ice cream parlor you’ve never visited before or if you’re really adventurous…make some home made ice cream! Places that let the kids top their own sundae bowls (like Menchie’s in my neighborhood) are even more fun for kids!ice cream sundae

Have a Culinary Adventure  Take your kid out for lunch someplace…different. If your kid’s idea of eating out is burgers in a paper bag, then make it a place with real plates and table service (even if it comes with a bottomless bowl of bread sticks). The point isn’t to go somewhere fancy–unless you WANT fancy–but to go some where different and practice their table manners and sample a new cuisine. Lunch is a great time because meals are cheaper and there’s less of a crowd. So head downtown to that new burger joint or just around the corner to the Chinese buffet.

(Trying to figure out when everything opens this spring in St. Louis? I’ve got a list right here.)

Spring break ideas

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